Frock me?

One rainy day last month, I went out shopping to Taunton for a change – a place I rarely ever go to, and ended up bagging myself a few bargains. One of said bargains was this spotted number from Topshop, which since, I have quite fallen in love with! I have become a bit lazy lately, which I’m going to put down to working in the mornings; when I get home I want to throw something on quickly – hence why I love the below playsuit, and this dress too!

Little did I know, that the dress I’d picked up for £12 from the sale rail was causing a bit of a stir online (thanks to my reliable source Carrie for letting me know!) after Alexa Chung wore the same one during promotion for ‘Frock Me’, and going for around £50 on eBay. Crazy stuff! Just goes to show, that if you want something to sell out – bring in Ms Chung! Haha. I don’t think I can bare to part with the dress, even for a nice tidy profit, because I feel it’s going to be a saviour throughout the winter months thanks to the long sleeves – I’m not a huge fan of layering on mounds of clothing, I feel like I often appear to have expanded 2-3 dress sizes in past attempts at layering… so this will come in perfect when the weather turns colder : ) and as for now, love love love it!

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