Cherries in the Snow

Admittedly, I don’t wear red lipstick as much as I’d like to. I would love to leave the house each and every day with a picture perfect scarlet pout, allowing me to channel the essence of a film noir femme fatale as I carry out my mundane day to day activities, but in reality, there is more to consider than ‘do I have lipstick on my teeth?’

I’m still on my quest to find my perfect match! Whilst I absolutely adore the cherry hue of this particular Revlon creation, I find that it simply lacks the staying power I need to see me through a day or night out – I’m not the type to want to retouch my make up at regular points throughout the day. But all things considered, I have found that my trusty Cherries in the Snow has outlasted other more expensive brands, and with such wonderful imagery linked with the name, who am I to resist? So for now, perhaps I should consider investing in some Lipcote, I’m sure many a femme fatale from the 40’s would’ve benefeitted from such things!

P.S More polka dots?! I never realised before how many polka dotted pieces lurk in my wardrobe. This particular shirt was found in a charity shop, one of my best finds… although technically my mum spotted it, she does come in handy – thanks mum!

P.P.S I have a new Twitter account! I’ll be using it to keep up with all of your blogs and whatnot, so if you’d like me to follow you – add me so I can return the favour : ) You can find a link to my profile in the sidebar!

9 thoughts on “Cherries in the Snow

  1. That’s such a nice color on you, Katie! I have the exact same issues as you with wearing lipstick. It feels great as long as it looks perfect, but on me perfect doesn’t last very long.

    I think your blog looks absolutely lovely and your last few outfits are so cute! Are you still studying in London?

  2. oh my goodness, lipcote is so brilliant – i bought some yesterday for the first time ever and my lipstick (almost!) lasted through a meal out! xx

  3. Aaaah I’m sure I saw that exact top in Cancer Research! I was so tempted to buy it for myself :). It was on the window mannequin though so I didn’t want to annoy the staff, haha.

    Anyway, it looks lovely on you – especially with the lipstick!

    Sadie x

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