Strawberries and Cream

Without the inconvenience of rain and/or work keeping me shut up inside, I was finally able to go out in the garden and get some much needed sunshine : ) I was inspired by this Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2008 dress, and this beautiful, romantic creation from the Mulberry A/W 2008 collection, to go with this palette of red and cream. Nice and summery, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, both of the originals are a bit out of my price range, so I put together my own ‘variation’, what do you think? Despite being unable to buy it, I enjoyed visiting the Mulberry dress on a few occasions in the local outlet store we have in my town… that is if you’re not counting the torture involved in being unable to buy something you really, really want! Haha. Speaking of which, I don’t think i’ll ever stop lusting after the Marc Jacobs dress either – 2 years and counting! Sighhh. So I guess for the time being, I’ll have to make do with this skirt (from Miss Selfridge) and anything else I can rustle up from the depths of my wardrobe to go with it…

P.S I’m looking to buy some good quality black patent loafters, if anyone can recommend me somewhere I can get some, for not too much money, please let me know – I’d really appreciate it! Thanks : )

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