Winter Wardrobe Perfection: Dear Creatures

With the dark nights slowly creeping back in, and rain clouds making regular appearances overhead, I need no more reminding that winter is looming once again. Although Autumn/Winter collections are always my favourites – with the spice, jewel and rich, regal tones always making their way back onto the runway, some of the concoctions are simply divine. Unfortunately though, I have never been one to find dressing for the cold months particularly easy, and feel its time for a little ‘self help’!

Despite magazines (and all of you lovely bloggers of course!) presenting perfect winter wrap-up-warm solutions, I still feel a little lost as to how to beat the big freeze whilst remaining chic! Which is why I fell in love with the Dear Creatures A/W 2010 collection, which combines all of the elements necessary to create a non-bulky winter look. What I crave the most for this upcoming winter is a simple selection of long sleeved dresses (love the cream polka dotted number!) chunky cable knit tights, and the perfect navy blue coat to top off any outfit with! Which pretty much makes this my perfect winter selection.

Also, any brand that manages to make untangling wires look chic, and the carrying of a megaphone instead of a handbag appear normal… gives me hope that perhaps if I were to become a ‘Dear Creature’, myself, I might just be able to pull off my every day activities, whilst being sliced in half by a fierce winter gale, in a way which is just a little more chic than usual! What more could I want?

Let’s hope this winter will turn out to be one full of elegance, huh? Wish me luck!

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