Sunday Seven: Week 1

Since Sunday marks the end of the week (or actually, the beginning for some… but I’m old fashioned that way!) I’ll be stacking together a few little tidbits that have caught my eye and whatnot throughout the week, that don’t really fit in anywhere else…

001. Old friends! To some of you who may have read my blog in the past, remember Puff, my little site mascot? Despite moving house, and her head falling off, she remains in tact – I’m still smitten, haha.

002. Admittedly, this Cadbury’s Flake advert doesn’t really spell out ‘chocolate’ in my book… however, there is definitely a ‘fashion moment’ happening, in the form of one hell of a hypnotic tentacle-like-jellyfish-y dress. Its enough to keep me quiet for a minute or so! Also, just imagine the fun you could have with that in a photoshoot. Note: Turn your sound on for full hypnotic-effect!

003. Barry M Nail Paints in Mint Green and Cyan Blue. Delish!

004. D&G A/W 2009 remains the perfect collection in my eyes… I would do anything to open my wardrobe to this everyday!

005. Vested Bee Vintage, run by the gorgeous Fabiola, a real gem if you’re into vintage. And, might I add, she pulls off the girl of yester-year style flawlessly!

006. LOVE magazine, which is now also online, yay! Pick your cover carefully girls, there are eight bombshells to choose from. No contest for me, Team Rosie all the way!

007. One of the first ever ‘fashion’ blogs I read religiously, was the wonderful Gala Darling. The ‘feel good factor’ is second to none, I promise you now that a day with Ms Darling in your life will never be a miserable one – check her out if you haven’t already, she’s an angel!

008. Despite it being Sunday seven I’m making an exception for one of my bestest most lovelist friends, Carrie! I’m sure by now, you will be familiar with her blog – she’s the one who introduced me to the whole new world of the blogosphere, and has done rather well for herself from it – I feel like a proud parent, haha.

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