Embracing Lace

I was hoping today to bring you some pictures of some cute monkeys, among other things, after my first trip to Monkey World in Dorset yesterday! However, I did a totally ‘me’ thing and forgot to put the battery back in my camera… not impressed one bit. So I couldn’t take any photos, apart from some nice pixellated ones on my Blackberry, hmph. Nevermind eh?

There has been a LOT of lace around lately. It’s been everywhere, which actually has kind of turned me off of it a bit. Its not because I’m worried about ‘selling out’ or anything like that, not at all… its just that when something becomes a dime a dozen it takes the element of novelty away. Anyway, I bought this pussybow shirt 3 years ago – a bit of a bargain from H&M; who doesn’t love a good buy one get one free offer?! Amazinggg. Since then, I’ve been through phases where I’ve had the urge to change my style, and have almost thrown it out a couple of times, eek! Luckily after the initial impulses had passed, I decided that it was worth keeping, and well, i’m glad it still remains part of my wardrobe today. I’m also glad that VOGUE has declared minimalism ‘in’, not because I’m into following trends so much, but more because my laziness when it comes to accessorising will now be seen as… well, not so lazy?

The bag is Primark, a kind of Mulberry Bayswater and Alexa hybrid (I have actually been asked a few times if it’s Mulberry) and best of all, only cost me £9. It has also made me appreciate the appeal of a simple, tan leather (faux, or fake) bag – no doubt, when this one ‘dies’, I’ll be buying one similar.

Am going charity shopping this afternoon to buy a wacky outfit for a party I’m going to next week, let’s hope the Charity Shop Fairy will bring me something magical!

P.S I’ve just signed up with Formspring, so if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, come on over!

6 thoughts on “Embracing Lace

  1. that blouse is really nice! i love it when you end up falling back in love with items in your wardrobe. that looks very ‘now’ too, lace always comes back in fashion.

  2. I’ve just brought exactly the same bag from primark the other day for sixth form, I love it 🙂
    unfortunately, on the first day, the back of the bag where it rubs against my jeans seems to of acquired a strange black imprint (it’s primark, what can I say), but luckily since it’s the back no-one can see and as you said, it’s only £9 and not exactly irreplaceable.

    This is why I don’t like wearing jeans. :\

    really nice outfits btw 🙂 🙂

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