I didn’t make it to the charity shops on Wednesday in the end, I’ve been feeling a bit run down lately and by mid afternoon didn’t really feel like moving too far away from my bed. I blame working + being a veggie = not having as much energy as I’d like! Worry not though chaps, I’ve now invested in some good Multivits so I’m hoping to be live and kicking again in no time : ) and also, back to the gym… its been a while, oh dear. That inevitable first meeting with the treadmill is going to be painful.

This dress is another something from my wardrobe that has ‘faced the axe’ in the past – another H&M buy from a few years back, when I first started enjoying having my own money to buy clothes with (I went rather OTT it has to be said) and was enjoying a bit of 60s inspiration. I get quite sentimental about things I own, which is probably the main reason why this and the pussybow shirt from the post before this one are still hanging in there! I really do admire those amongst you who are able to clear out your wardrobes season to season and auction things off on eBay, because its something I’ve never managed to do – perhaps this could be something to consider for my 2011 new year’s resolution, eh?

Before I start to freak myself out over new year being not so far away, and start having a quarter life crisis (I really do know what ‘old’ people mean when they say time flies by… and am facing facts that I’m now one of them haha) I’ve been considering what I’m going to ask for for my 21st birthday, which is equally as scary and just around the corner, eek. I’m having a bit of a shoe-crisis currently – I really should stop buying £4 pairs from Primark, what do I expect?! My work shoes have just died a holey death, and my only other pair of flats will soon follow, so it makes complete sense that I ask for some good quality shoes for my birthday. I’m thinking this pair from Kate Kanzier, what do you think?

So as far as ‘life resolutions’ go, I think at the age of almost-21 I should accept that its time to shell out more than £5 on a pair of shoes… its a tough life, but I’m learning haha.

P.S Thanks to Sally Rose and Carrie for putting me onto Kate Kanzier!

6 thoughts on “Blush

  1. Love the kate kanzier loafers, i even checked them out myself just then. Although my advice if you’re going to spend around £40 is to hold out for some leather ones. Makes them feel more worthwhile than synthetic and they’re bound to wear better and be less inclined to scratches/peeling (my usual problem with synthetic shoes!)
    I’m eyeing this pair from next:


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