Walking With Ghosts

Models: Alex and myself
Photographer: Carrie Harwood
Make up: Emily Dodge

Photographs edited by myself.

Its not every day that you get to dress up in a vintage Edwardian wedding dress and prance around a really beautiful old farm yard with some friends, taking photographs, but that’s what I did today!

I’ve wanted to do a ‘ghostly’ photoshoot for a while, so today we grabbed the opportunity before the four of us split off and go back to our respective universities, sob sob. The little back story we thought up was that there was a young, troubled married couple who lived in the Victorian times, who came to a nasty end one night when the poor, tormented husband lost his temper, and shot his wife before turning the gun himself… really lovely stuff, I know! Haha. We’re a charming bunch really, I promise! Since then, ‘our’ spirits wander the cobblestone yards day after day, confused about who we are, what we’re meant to be doing, and also most likely, why on earth some random family is living in and enjoying our house? Haha.

I can hardly call myself a photographer (I cheat most of the time I’m taking photos and use the auto settings, shhhh!) but I do love dressing people and/or myself up, taking some pictures, then taking to my office (well, bed…) with a nice cup of tea, ready for my favourite part – Photoshopping! I remember once in a media lesson, my tutor told us that film editors are generally VERY boring people, does the same go for people who find joy in editing images? Do I even need to ask? Haha, oh dear.

Which is exactly what I’m about to get back to now – and is how I’ve spent my Saturday night, tutor’s point proven, right? Oooops. Thank you to all of you have been visiting by the way, I’m really appreciative of everyone who takes time out to read my blog, and also to those of you kind enough to leave little comments for me : ) you’re all wonderful!

I hope you’ll all enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Love from Katie xoxo

P.S If you’re unfamiliar with Photoshop, and would like to know how to add a vignette (dark frame) to the photograph, like I did in the above images, its very easy! Just go to Filter > Distort > Lens Correction then play with the ‘Vignette’ toggles until you get the desired effect – simple! : ) Happy editing!

One thought on “Walking With Ghosts

  1. Lovely lovely photo shoot and the editing is very nice and has a vintage feel. Not to mention your friend is very attractive! ;P Glad you are blogging again! ❤ I used to read your blog back in the day.

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