Down with the Ducks

Having spent a day visiting monkeys earlier on in the week, and an afternoon in the park watching ducks (and puzzling over ducky-related facts) I must say I am feeling rather nature-tastic right now! Haha. When I was a little girl, I had a big obsession with ducks. I had the toys, the ornaments, and maybe the t-shirt too but in my old age I’ve lost track… and so my love was reignited today when Carrie and I stopped off by the pond for a leisurely chat to discuss our Mulberry must haves and whatnot. We also ‘befriended’ (if you can call it that…) one little lady duck who had a withered leg, poor little thing – we’re going back to feed her tomorrow, because all of the other ducks were being crazy when bread was getting thrown in, and her little bad leg stopped her getting any treats whatsoever, how unfair!

Back onto the subject of Mulberry… The one redeeming feature my town possesses, on the fashion front, is its Mulberry factory shop; which has become our little ‘default’ spot to visit on any occasion when we need a little fashion fix! That’s not to say we run on up (we drive, actually… there are far too many hills in Shepton Mallet!!) and burn out our cards on whatever we can get our hands on – we are students after all… but it makes a change from sitting around the house, and also how could we resist, having such a place on our doorstop?! It’s nice to dream, too, that one day, we might have enough money to go on a bit of a spree in there – but for now, we enjoy a little fantasy every now and then!

I found it particularly hard to leave this time since one bag had really caught my eye, aaah! I’ve checked and can’t spot it on the website, which isn’t surprising because the majority of pieces in the store are from previous seasons – but take it from me, its yummyyummy, and in my favourite colour (jade/emerald green) which gives it automatic bonus love points, it’s very ‘me’!

Also, I’m wearing one of my new Barry M nail varnishes today, Berry Ice Cream! What do you think? I love it, it reminds me of Parma Violets… which coincidentally, I don’t love all that much at all, but hey! And the blazer I’m wearing is my mum’s from the 90’s – what a delightful era, with delightfully huge shoulder pads to offer, so it seems… rugby player sized shoulders = tres chic!

I’m finally going charity shopping tomorrow for my party costume, lets hope I’ll find something good! I’m hoping to embrace the 90’s some more and do a bit of a Courtney Love slipdress and ripped tights look – we’ll see how that one pans out, hmmmmmm : )

13 thoughts on “Down with the Ducks

  1. Barry M do the best colours and I’m slowly owning the whole lot of them haha, I just wish their polishes were less…gloopy?

    Love that blazer too 🙂

  2. I like the nail color – I was wearing a similar lilac color last week. So jealous of the Mulberry factory…it sounds like a myth. But, I’ll trust you.

    xoxo, Ashley

  3. Your hair is looking so long and beautiful, Katie! I can’t believe that blazer is from your mother – it looks so now: Lovely, in other words 🙂
    That duck sounds like she definitely needs some extra bread. I hope you manage to find her in the park.

    I have to say that the ghost photo shot is really amazing. Well done!

  4. Hi dear, first, I am glad your back!!
    You both, Carrie and you, look gorgeous here, and I must say I am in love with your dress and blazer 🙂 to die for!
    It must be hard to have a Mulberry factory shop in your town, I would be temped all the time as well! And I hope you got some amazing stuff on that charity shopping spree!

    PS: I have been reading all the posts behind… Anyway, again, so glad you’re back!!

    PPS: You’re hair is looking amazing!

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