A New Old Look

I had my first quality lie in for a while today, which has put me in a good mood and may explain why I felt the need to twirl around in this skirt! It was quite fun actually, I recommend you try it… There’s nothing I like more than a skirt that really fans out when you spin, because 1. it makes me feel like I’m in a cheesy old musical or something, and 2. it means you’re usually getting a decent amount of material for your money : ) and 3. I guess I’m just easily amused like that…

Famously, when Dior created the ‘New Look’, he used 20 yards of fabric per skirt – that’s alot of skirt, woah! It was also assumed that the more swing you had in your skirt, the more money you had in the bank! As for me, I bought this particular skirt in the Topshop sale for around £15 at the beginning of the summer, so I guess that idea doesn’t exactly ring true anymore, haha. (Hardly sets me up to look like an aristocrat anyway!) I’m also guessing that in those days, they didn’t have the option to bargain hunt online (or blog about it afterwards either, for that matter!)… lucky us, eh? Truthfully, I never really buy anything full price from Topshop, because I think often you can find similar pieces in other shops for less, so I use it more for inspiration than anything.

Dior’s ‘new look’ first made fashion history in 1947.

What drew me to this skirt in the first place it that I feel it has a certain Parisian charm about it, particularly because of the cream and black palette and clean lines (a la Chanel) and its also really comfortable to wear. Also, anything with a little bow detail somewhere is a winner in my book! I’ve kind of concluded that this kind of A-line skirt is well suited to my body shape, because I have quite muscular legs and a small waist – so this is perfect for balancing me out, and actually, if you look at the New Look pictures (above) its a similar silhouette – very feminine and flattering! I don’t really ever wear trousers either, so I’m always on the lookout for variations of this classic cut to add to my wardrobe.

As you can see, I’ve swapped in my Barry M Berry Ice Cream for Mint Green on my nails – its a tough choice choosing which to wear when you buy more than one shade of nail varnish in one go! This shade isn’t quite as pastel ‘mint ice creamy’ as I’d have liked, but I think the darker shade suits my olive skin tone more.

Thanks again for all of your comments – I really do appreciate them! I’ve also really enjoyed taking some time to visit some of your blogs too, I visit every one attached with your comments, there are some very lovely and interesting reads out there. You may have noticed, too, that I’ve been having a little fiddle around with the ‘look’ of the blog too, I hope you like it!

P.S I keep forgetting that I joined Formspring! So if you have anything at all you’d like to ask me, just click here : )

17 thoughts on “A New Old Look

  1. I love your nailpolish! I love your outfit (what a swooshy skirt!!) and your necklace and the overall look is just gorgeous. I find that Topshop is ridiculously overpriced for the quality and I totally agree that you can often find the same item for less in other places (or just wait for the sale, like you did!)

  2. ooh, I just found your blog and it’s quite lovely! love the header!
    that skirt is gorgeous, I like shorter flared skirts. anything longer and I look like a kindy teacher, but yours is the perfect length. watch out on windy days though! (my underpants may have been seen by about half of sydney yesterday…)

  3. your skirt is so beautiful and i think if i wore it i would be in permanent danger of flashing my nickers because i would be performing constant twirls 😀

  4. That really is a beautiful skirt, I’m looking for something similar to as like you I have a small waist but big legs also I adore that octopus necklace I have a thing for octopus xoxo

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