Oh Deer!

“Wow, what an ugly jumper!” was pretty much what came into my head when I stumbled upon this, uh, beauty(?)… on a charity shop rummaging session. I’m pretty sure there’s not much ‘beautiful’ about this big chunky cable knit jumper in the typical sense of the word (its not very dainty or delicate, floaty or floral, nor does it do much for a person’s silhouette) but oddly enough in all of what I thought to be ‘hideousness’ I actually kind of (against my will) fell in love with it, and so now, it hangs proudly in my wardrobe! Well, chucked in the top of it if we’re going to be technical… I haven’t got enough room for jumpers at the moment; I’m currently hovering in that awkward between-season time period, where I’m not really sure whether I should be keeping such jumpers or summer dresses on standby!

Since I was really little, I have always seemingly attached myself to one jumper and worn it to death – one particular fleece I had in the good old days, lasted me from four sleeve turn-ups, right up until it was four inches up past my wrists, so even from the age of 6 I have been a bit of a jumper-hobo. Perhaps this year it’s Bambi’s turn! [Quick look down just to check that they are actually deer, before I commit to the reference] Regardless of beauty, or lack thereof, I’d challenge anyone to find such a heavyweight cable knit woolen jumper anywhere else for £3.99 – I’m sold! I think we’re going to be great friends : )

All this speak of deers and Bambi reminds me of this stag necklace, which in my eyes is actual jewellery perfection! I think perhaps I’m the same with necklaces – find one I like, and wear it all the time… not stuck in my ways at all, am I? Another thing to add to, what is now becoming a list, of new year’s resolutions – mix things up more! I saw this particular one in a magazine probably about a month ago, and will be keeping my eyes peeled so I can check it out properly in Topshop when I hit Oxford Street in a week or so.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing how the high street is going to take on the ski-knit trend, as perfectly demonstrated by D&G, one of my favourite A/W 2010 collections; it’ll be interesting to see how daring the high street will be – I’ll be hoping they can bring something fresh to a trend which no doubt springs up every year, without going OTT and bringing out neon variations and whatnot, hmmmm. So the question is, which will be brave enough to bring out their own ski-knit onesie? This could get interesting… watch this space people!

9 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

  1. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most too – highstreet versions of the runwary ski knits! They’re so charming and classic, I can’t wait to get my hands on a similar piece.

    I just bought myself a cable knit jumper too (admittedly, not with deer on the front) – it was a bit on the expensive side though at £5, but they’re just so warm!


  2. I understand where you’re coming from Katie – sometimes, without being able to put the finger at what exactly it is, there is something that makes us love something even if it by the first glance comes off as ugly. I think there are many charming things about your new jumper, such as the cable knit, the chunkiness, and the length of it, and I think the deer look cute 🙂

  3. Noo it’s not ugly, I love it! Anything with a deer on and I’m sold. Looks wonderful on you too.
    And grandma jumpers are the best. The other day I actually saw an old lady wearing the exact same knitted cardigan I have that I found recently in a thrift store!

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