Stripe Tease

The main problem I’ve had this summer, when it comes to dressing, is that half of my belongings are in storage back at my old university halls. Or, I should say, the main problem is that I just can’t remember what I have and haven’t got! This can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to deciding what to wear, especially when you discover that one, two or all of the pieces you’re looking for are actually cooped up 100 miles away in a box… not cool, and not useful at all. My brain has well and truly turned to mush this summer, what can I say!

However, it has meant that I’ve been forced to utilize the clothes I do have, like this stripy top which incidentally, is almost identical to another one hanging in my wardrobe… meh, guess I didn’t really think it through very well when it came to picking things to bring home, well done me! I also found an old dressing gown, which is pink, with swirls and purple monkeys on – something tells me I won’t be wearing this out any time soon, haha. Its a shame we didn’t do the whole ‘debutant’ thing here, because that would’ve been perfect… Monkeygowncouture = fabulous, and so this season!

On a random note (does it get more random than a pink monkey dressing gown?!) I’ve just got back from watching ‘Tamara Drewe’, or ‘Nancy Drew’ as I kept accidentally calling, oops! I must say, although I didn’t enjoy the film as much as I thought I would, Gemma Arterton = my new girl crush, she has such a perfect face. Wit woo, she makes me proud to be a Brit! I can honestly say though, having lived in the countryside all of my life, that most people where I’m from, out in the middle of nowhere, don’t dress half as glamorous as this! But hey… who wants to see a film where the leading lady has hay coming out of her hair and cow food down her clothes in every scene, eh? Haha.

I’m off to catch up on NY Fashion Week collections now – so many pieces to add to my fantasy wardrobe! What are your favourites so far?!

5 thoughts on “Stripe Tease

  1. Gemma Arterton is BEAUTIFUL – I wish I looked like her!

    Lovely outfit; I love stripes and denim (I’m wearing them in my latest outfit post too!), they just compliment each other really well.

    Lovely blog – am following x

  2. Personally, I can’t say that I’m very familiar with Gemma Arterton, but she looks beautiful indeed.
    I really like the outfit you’re wearing though. I would never be able to pull that off! I don’t think I’ve ever worn a vest in my life, but you wear it so well! The vest and the stripe top look fabulous together, really 🙂

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