Hy-de-Hyde Park

A big hello to you all! I’m pleased to inform you that we finally have internet installed in my new house – yay! So, from now on, blogging will be a lot easier, phewee. I finally got some new shoes… from Primark, even after I swore not to buy cheap again. Ok, so I got two pairs, and a hand bag too… what is wrong with me? The brogues feel much more sturdy than any other shoes I’ve ever seen in Primark, so I was sold, and got them in two colours, for around £30 for the two – not bad eh? The problem with Primark clothes is that you see them on everyone, which is why I decided to accessorize the bag with a vintage scarf. Simple, but effective! Although brogues are everywhere right now, and not in the slightest bit ‘original’ anymore, I kind of like them because they remind me of Mr Men shoes! Ahhhh nostalgia, how I love you.

I had a couple of things to do in London today, so whilst I was there I caught up with Carrie. We fine dined in Nando’s, which is now officially my new favourite restaurant simply because the menu doesn’t cause my blood pressure to rise the second I open the menu. Being a vegetarian, I often find restaurants have limited choices available, which can sometimes be quite stressful, so it’s nice for once to have an option which isn’t vegetable lasagne or pizza! I think some of you non-veggies should give a veggie burger a go sometime – take it from me there are some really good ones out there!

We also headed to Hyde Park, which was my first official visit. I felt quite at home lounging on the grass for a while. Having been amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, its the best feeling ever to be able to sit down in a huge wide open space, with lots of grass, especially for someone like me who grew up in the countryside; the ultimate refreshment! We even saw some people exercising (suit-clad doing pushups…) in work clothes, which we found to be a bit strange, but hey, each to their own! Haha. I’ve noticed lately that whenever there are ducks, swans or geese around, I get a little bit obsessed with taking pictures of them… so much so that Carrie had to shimmy me along from the lake so we could go and meet up with our friends, oops! Haha. What can I say?

Hopefully my posts will become a little more regular from now on! Its been a shame to lose the internet at a time when I’ve really been enjoying blogging. Whilst I’m on that note, if there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog – please feel free to comment with suggestions, any and all ideas are welcome : )

As for me, all that tube-ing and the millions of flights of stairs I’ve clambered up today have just about finished me off. Nighty night! x

P.S I got to meet and hang out with some wonderful bloggers at London Fashion Week, one of which was Kirsty – you can check out her pictures over at Fashion Champage!

9 thoughts on “Hy-de-Hyde Park

  1. hey dear, glad you have internet again!
    those brogues are wonderful, they look like good quality ones! the problem with brogues, two years ago when I wanted them badly, here in portugal, they were really rare to find and the ones I got were really expensive, and noone with like them. now everyone’s wearing them!
    and sure the bag looks more chic with you vintage scarf!
    oh and love your ribbon 🙂

  2. I love Hyde Park; such a nice place to be when you want to remember what greenery looks like! I’m originally from Dorset, and so I do find myself longing for miss the country/sea side sometimes… parks will suffice! Sounds like a lovely day x

  3. wait a minute! I was told by Miguel that he went for a jog around Hyde Park! tut tut hehe
    linked you on my blog honeybee and commented on your BSB post – didnt no you were doing that!

  4. I agree with you on the Primark issue. Fortunately (or not!) you can only find 2 Primarks in my country, so you don’t see so many people wearing Primark clothes. But we have the opposite problem with Zara or H&M.

    And I think I have the same shoes you’re wearing =P

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