Clowning Around

Note: there are no scary clown pictures in this post, for any clown-phobics who may be reading this!

If you are a regular reader of Cherry Humbug you’ll already have spotted that I really like neck details – which is what drew me to this top! I got this in the sale at Topshop – which is the only time I ever really buy anything from there! Cheapskate, I know… haha. If memory serves me correctly (I’ve had it a couple of years now) this is from their ‘Petite’ range, which is quite funny really because at 5″7/8 I can’t exactly call myself petite! But nonetheless, it kind of goes to show that despite what sizes a shop might tell you you are, they can quite often be wrong!

So put behind you the days when you’ve refused to buy something based on the fact that its a good 2/3 sizes bigger than you usually buy; the nature of mass production means that a lot of garments are cut through some sort of template all in one go, which means there are plenty of mid-sizes out there, so if your size 12 jeans are a little on the tight side, worry not! You haven’t gained weight, you probably have just ended up with a pair an inch or 2 smaller than they should be : )

Although my ‘homage’ to clown dress isn’t exactly avant-garde/out there/very interesting, its a style I very much love looking at, so here are a few shots from a favourite editorial of mine: Numero magazine featuring Coco Rocha, who is absolutely the most gorgeous clown-lady I have ever seen!

Pure magic! If you, too, are a fan of the vivacious and beautiful Miss Coco, you can check out her very own blog right here : )

P.S Don’t forget to check out my LFW Streetstyle post over at British Style Bloggers if you haven’t already!

P.P.S Without wanting to ruin anything for other Gossip Girl fans out there, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Clemence Poesy fan who was excited to see her in the first episode of the new season, eee! My fashion-senses tell me she’s going to be one to watch this season!

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