Feeling Autumnal

Last post I mentioned that I’d bought a new dress – well this is it! I finally caved and bought the polka dot Zara dress, and do I regret it? Not one bit! I do think their sizing is a little bit dodgy though, and I don’t even mean about the fact that they only sell this dress in Medium… but it does seem a little small to be classed as that size , although I don’t really shop at Zara that much so I’m not sure whether it’s just just dress or a general thing!

For Ā£19.99 this was a must have… and particularly since I’ve now put myself on a three month shopping ban (wish me luck people!) I’m really glad I bought this! The burnt orange colour is gorgeous for Autumn; I think its really cool to reflect nature’s seasonal shades through fashion, don’t you?

Like every other blogger out there, I’ve developed a new crush on Zara since they launched their online store, but I do think some of the pieces are a little pricey for my liking. That’s not to say I wouldn’t buy myself a nice camel cape if I had the funds, but hey… I will still live a happy life without one!

I’ve been feeling rally lethargic lately, since the cold weather started to set in, which is why I’ve been a bit useless with outfit posts; it can be quite hard setting up a tripod when you risk frostbite! I guess I’ll be asking my housemate Sian to photograph for me more often from now on, haha. I’ll make sure I do a proper outfit post next time I wear this so you can see the rest of it!

Hope you’re all well! Is anyone going to the Britain’s Next Top Model Live event this weekend?
Kisses xxx

10 thoughts on “Feeling Autumnal

  1. ohh you have that dress! i want it in navy blue šŸ™‚
    i shop a lot at Zara, and this is an usual thing beleive me, they usually have sizes XS to XL, but at least all things use to be between S and L.

  2. I love this dress! Zara is so good at the moment but yes, weird sizings. Sometimes I can be a medium or large or sometimes a small. I’ve been taking vitamins to try to make myself feel less lethargic & iron too, but I still can’t wake up in the morning haha.

  3. I love this dress! I am so so so excited to hit up Zara when I visit London for the first time next month. Also I was planning on getting your advice on places to shop when I come! Where would you recommend?


  4. Love the dress on you. I tried it on myself but because of the sizing thing it just did not fit right. I love Zara but their sizing is ridiculously small and one size fits all does not work!

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