Pop Tarts

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry its been a while – I find it really hard sometimes to find the time to take my own photographs and whatnot, especially when its soooo cold outside! I’d rather post nothing than use ‘blog fillers’ to stay active etc, but I haven’t forgotten about blogging, I’ve just been adjusting to the new season and the heightened intensity of my uni work, and sorting out other bits and pieces that’s all!

I’m really touched that people continue to visit the blog, comment, and generally make me want to blog still! You’re all very lovely : )

So what have I been doing that’s so ‘interesting’? Not much I’m afraid, but I have been working on (and stressing majorly over) the current styling unit I’m doing on my course. Being a perfectionist is exhausting at times! Despite the stress of trying to organise models, hair and make up people etc (as well as being urged to buy clothes for the shoot with money we don’t posess! Oh the joys of being a student!) we finally pulled it all together and got some shots I’m really proud of! I’m especially proud since Sian and I did the hair and make up ourselves, it came out much better than I could’ve planned. I hope you like the shots – isn’t our model gorgeous?

We’ve been working with various references, but I’m going to leave that with you to figure out and interpret for yourselves (clue is in the title, hint hint) because there’s nothing I dislike more in the fashion industry than hearing things like ‘darling, it was inspired by an oak tree suffocating in the city in a fight against capitalism!’ etc etc… haha. Sometimes I wonder why I’m even wanting to enter into this industry, but what can I say, I love it flaws and all! (Perhaps that makes me sound more pretentious than I would’ve if I’d discussed my list of ‘highly intellectual’ concepts… dont you love irony?! Hahah.)

Hope everyone’s doing ok and looking forward to CHRISTMAS, which is in… it’s too late at night to count, but well, just over a month, yay!

See you all again soon, I promise!