Grasshopper Green

Lately I’ve developed a bit of a nail varnish obsession (Sian, I blame you…) and am starting to acquire quite a collection of Barry M shades. I’m not one to want to spend much on this kind of thing, which is why I’ve been taking advantage of the two for £5 offer that’s been on at Boots – for £2.50 a bottle I think its a bit of a bargain, and allows me to sport a non-hoboish chip free look for longer, thanks Barry!

‘Spring Green’ is one of my latest buys, along with ‘Cyan Blue’ which I haven’t tried yet, but have seen on other people and knew that it was inevitable I’d be picking one up for myself sooner or later. The green reminds me of the little critter above that I fished out of the pool during my holiday in Gambia last month, what a handsome fellow! The colour didn’t translate very well when I took the picture, but if you see this shade in the shop I guarantee it’ll catch your eye : )

I’m a bit childish in the way that I love bright, lairy shades… they remind me of one summer when I was at school, and got so bored in the holidays that I basically ended up painting my nails a different shade every day. Metallic blue<3 haha. I'm pretty sure I could've found better things to do, like go outside and actually have a life, but somehow at thirteen I didn't see it like that, haha. Oh dear! It did help in the sense that I can now paints my right hand without painting half of my fingers too! (Although my camera has revealed that I'm actually not that good at getting to the edges, as you can see above, oops!) I sometimes wonder if I could teach myself to write left handed if I gave it enough practise? I highly doubt it, but hey, who knows? If I ever lose my right arm I'll give it a go!

My housemate bought the Barry M shatter effect polish the other day, its so clever and pretty fascinating too! I'm not sure if I'll be using it that much, because I quite like clean and simple block colours (colour blocking is sooo this season, people! Haha) but who doesn't like to have funky nails every now and then?

Fashionably Late?

Something about the miserable winter weather seems to suck the enthusiasm out of me, and leaves me a big confused mess! But, in the spirit of re-collecting my thoughts and having a spring clean, I felt that it was high time to start blogging again!

I know what you’re thinking if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning: ‘This girl is the only blogger who has had more comebacks than Britney!’ – and you’re right, haha, and I apologize for my random off-the-radar-ness. I really envy those of you out there who continue to post and inspire people year round, and is something I can never seem to manage, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t missed blogging and all of you gorgeous lot – it was inevitable that I’d want to come back to Cherry Humbug and start again with my ramblings!

Having now got through my three week work placement, an extremely overly-long Christmas holiday spent working my old supermarket job back home in Somerset (the height of glam, I tell you!) and despite the heavy workload my university likes to pile on us now we’re in second year, I really wanted to get back into the swing of things and start to be part of the weird and wonderful blogosphere again! What better hobby is there, really?

So here I am, refreshed, and… blonde?! some of you might remember me as a blonde before, I felt it was time for a change! All through school I used to chop and change my style, and I always love a reinvention… even if I may not pull it off as well or as big-scale as Britters can, I’m back in the game. I guess its good that the fashion industry is unpredictable, and allows for us to be ‘Fashionably Late’, because if I was interested in any other industry, I would TOTALLY have ‘missed the boat’ by now… oh what an understanding industry fashion is!

I’ve always been a little hesitant when posting photographs, because I feel they aren’t up to scratch with some of the absolutely gorgeous images some of you bloggers post – I’m hoping to rope in a friend this time round to help me out a bit! No offense to my tripod, but I do feel that any ‘creature’ with three legs is a little untrustworthy haha.

So hello again, and since its midnight, that also means its ‘goodnight’ time too… see you soon! x

P.S I need to stop making a habit of my disappearing act, trying to remember my passwords is definitely not fun! Good punishment for bad bloggers though, right?