Made in Scotland

I’ve been oohing and aahing over the whole cape trend for a while now, and have had my eye out for one which is suitably priced and different enough to benefit my wardrobe. I’m not a huge fan of the amount of cheap clothes I seem to have acquired during my time as a student (booooo Primark, why can’t I resist your low prices?!) and have told myself that the only purchases I’ll be making for the foreseeable future will either be 1. Classic, simple pieces or 2. Standout pieces which will jazz up plain outfits.

Needless to say, this tartan cape fits into the latter section! I believe that every girl needs a bit of tartan in her life, and whilst on first glance this looks like it could just be an old picnic blanket with a clasp sewn on, that’s kind of one of the things I like about it! For £30 I felt it was worth it, being lovely and woolly, as well as being vintage, I knew that the chances of finding something similar anywhere else might be quite slim, which is what made me snap it up!

I’m eagerly awaiting warm weather so I can wear it out and about until my heart’s content – the one time I’ve worn it out so far was not so pretty! Coat weather is definitely not over yet, sob sob.

Some of you might remember my mini-obsession with deer that I had going on before winter. Anyway, as you can see by the little face peeping out from under the cape, I’m not quite over it yet! Haha. Just a £2 men’s Primark t-shirt that I couldn’t say no to – what was I saying earlier about cheap clothes?! Just can’t help myself!

Hope you’re all ok! Thank you for anyone who continues to comment and visit, love to all of you from me and my deer friends! x

P.S I’ll be doing some better outfit posts soon – being newly back to the blogging malarky, I’m a bit of a tripod fiend at the moment… will be only a matter of time before it comes out to assist me again soon though! : )