I wish I was a Mermaid…

I’ve always maintained that if I could come back as anything in my next life, I would be a mermaid! Ever since my days obsessing over ‘The Little Mermaid’ and wishing I lived a magical life under the sea, I have always been attracted to any clothing which is even just a little bit mermaid-y, which is really what drew me to this watercolour print dress. I think it looks a bit like a tropical fish’s tail!

It’s actually meant to be a poolside dress that you put on over a bikini when you’re on holiday, but I’ve never really been one to take notice of anythings’ actual purpose clotheswise and otherwise, so I’ve been enjoying wearing it round the house and I feel the gorgeous colours help lift my mood and make me feel like I should be going out to run in slow motion through a field full of pretty flowers, even if really, I’m just going to be doing not much in my room! Also, being a country girl, I’ll take any chance I can get to go out in the sun in a pretty dress – which is how I hope to be spending the next few months now that uni’s over for the year… where did time go??

In the past I’ve really been taken by looks made up from a neutral colour palette, and have often tried to emulate this myself, but over time I’ve come to realise that my natural style instincts mean I’m magnetised to colour, so this dress makes me really happy! I can’t wait to have more excuses to wear it when I go on holiday somewhere hot at the end of August : )

What are your plans this summer?

3 thoughts on “I wish I was a Mermaid…

  1. The dress is very ‘mermaid’ – perfect for summer (if we actually get any decent weather in the UK this summer that is!) and I love that you said ” I’ve never really been one to take notice of anythings’ actual purpose clotheswise and otherwise” – I am exactly the same! For me, scarves can be belts, jumpers can be scarves etc. Glad you’ve been inspired to re-start you blog – looking forward to more posts!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

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