I was a bit naughty today, and ended up buying another new dress! I say naughty – it wasn’t exactly an expense that’ll break the bank, and for £13 (Primark – I REALLY need to stop shopping there…) I know its something I’ll definitely get my wear out of. I also bought it to replace a dress I’ve had for a couple of years now, which is a slightly tackier shade of orange, and which has faded over time. May it rest in peace!

The colour was what first caught my attention, I have a jumper in a similar shade of rusty/burnt orange and always get compliments on it, so I couldn’t resist this lovely, slouchy dress when it caught my eye! I’m a huge fan of rich shades and fell in love with the terracotta tone from the first glimpse I got. In the past I’ve been a bit afraid of looser silhouettes, worrying that they might make me look short and stumpy. Lately though, and moreso in the summer months, I’ve been really eager to try out new slouchier fits, and am really enjoying mixing up my style a little bit! They are also great in terms of comfort and for those inevitable ‘fat’ days we all enjoy so much… I’m pretty sure this will become one of my fail-safe outfits for the summer, and am looking forward to trying it both belted and loosely. I think it would look great with some dark grey knee high socks and some little patent loafers – neither of which I currently own, but hey, we’ll see!

The emerald jumper pictured was my bargain of the month, checking out at just £1! Crazy huh? I spotted it in the men’s section, and by some twist of fate I ended up bagging myself a nice little bargain! I also picked up a little dusky pink t-shirt for my first crafty tutorial, which I’m hoping will be posted tomorrow, so watch this space : ) I’m so excited to have some time off so I can be a bit more crafty and creative, I haven’t been to town on that sort of thing since I left school. How exciting!

Lately I’ve been having problems with chapped lips (and I panic if I don’t have a chapstick on me! Lo-ser.) so I’ve got a bit of a thing for these amazing-tasting Lip Smacker lip balms. I’m sure there are better balms out there but these taste SO good! Seriously, you need to try one… (£1.50 from Primark) On the other hand, if anyone can recommend me a good lip balm that will help soothe and heal my poor sore lips, please let me know, I will be eternally grateful! Tesco air-con and the ‘great British weather’ hasn’t done me any favours! Booo.

Peace out! x

P.S Come and say hi on Twitter if you haven’t already, I’m really enjoying discovering more of your wonderful blogs and whatnot!

3 thoughts on “Terracotta

  1. Sprite lip gloss? How awesome! I think I recall having a friend who had a Dr Pepper chapstick back in the day, I should try and hunt something like that down.

    Also loving the orange dress and green sweater!

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