Limes and Violets

[Dress Vintage, Neck Tie Unknown]

Just over a year ago I went to a rummage sale at a vintage shop in Brick Lane, and whilst I missed the best bit of the sale on the first day (the queue was about a mile long, and I was ill so I had to leave before I even got in! Booo.) I went back the next day and had a good, less-crowded rummage through the leftovers. I do think I probably missed out on some really great pieces, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to pick up a few good bits myself!

This dress was one of them, and whilst I realise now that it isn’t very flattering on me, its definitely grown on me! With a little bow neck tie I think its quite ‘me’. The main reason it doesn’t really look that great is because the skirt is a strange length, so I always end up tucking it up over a belt to shortyen it up a bit – which in these pictures makes me look realllly wide, haha. I’m going to be setting up my sewing machine soon hopefully (which will probably end up causing me some kind of stress related trauma… eeeek!) so I’m probably going to re-hem it, because in the summer it is a cute little dress with potential!

Speaking of fixing up clothing, I have a great little kind-of-tutorial on the way to you tomorrow; something I wish I’d done ages ago, that can really help transform plain, generic clothes from high-street to high-end without much effort or technical ability required, I really hope you’ll like it!

P.S I’m really diggin’ these necklaces on Etsy at the moment, what a clever idea! Where is your heart? Mine is definitely in Florida… I’m such a big kid, Orlando is my escapist haven!

See you tomorrow. Love! x

9 thoughts on “Limes and Violets

  1. Ahh you look gorgeous. In a non-Lez way! Haha. Fingers crossed for the days we’re hanging out at swanky hotels like it’s no biggy!
    The thought of getting my sewing machine out scares the heck out of me. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing your non-technical-skill-requiring tutorial!!

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