DIY Tutorial: Ruff Collar

This tutorial will show you an excellent way of jazzing up any plain garments you have, which doesn’t require any real technical ability! If you’re scared of sewing – don’t worry! This is very basic stuff, as long as you can sew the pieces so that they will be sufficiently secure, it doesn’t need to be neat or tidy at all : ) the needlework will be hidden behind the ruff itself, so if its a bit all over the place, no one will ever know!

Stupidly, I accidentally deleted the photographs I took at different stages of the sewing process, booo! What we have here will be enough for you to be able to copy it yourself though so hopefully these won’t be missed too much : )

You will need:
– The garment you want to customize. I’ll be using this plain jumper from a previous post!
– Organza.
– Scissors.
– Needle and thread.
– Ruler or tape measure. (Not essential though!)

Step 1: Cut out a square of organza. I did mine approximately 5 x 5 inches, but it really depends how big you want the ruff to be, so this is up to you! I didn’t use a tape measure either, and made some of my squares different sizes so as to create a fuller texture, which seems to have worked quite well.

I cut my squares out one by one along the way because I wasn’t sure how many I’d need. If you’d prefer to cut them all out in one go, that’s totally up to you!

Step 2: Get your needle threaded up before the next step!

Step 3: Pinch your square in the middle. I pictured a flower head when I was fiddling with the shape, to get the right sort of ‘ruffliness’! You want it to look something like mine is in the image.

Step 4: You need to take your pinched square and hold it against the garment where you want to sew it. Now all you have to do is try and keep the square pinched in the right shape whilst you attach it to the garment. There is always the option of pinning it first! This is where my deleted photos would’ve come in handy! But nonetheless, its very straightforward, and if I can do it, anyone can : )

Keep on repeating steps 3 and 4 until you’re happy with the ruff!

Tips: As you can see, I started sewing mine on about 1cm down from the shoulder seam on my jumper. I started from the right side and worked over to the left side, it isn’t a precise art so you can start, really, wherever you want – although bare in mind that the pieces you will have sewn on already may get in the way if you do it in a really unsystematic way!

Like I said at the beginning, you don’t need to be too tidy with your sewing – as long as the ruffles are secure, its all good! Make sure you sew each ruffly square on as close as possible to the one(s) next to it, so you will end up with a nice full looking ruff with no noticeable gaps!

I probably used about 15 squares of organza to create my ruff. It wont take many before you start to see the results and see your garment’s transformation! Every garment will be different, and you can experiment with using different sizes of ruffle to get different results. Of course, you aren’t limited to doing this on the collar – you could try the sleeves, shoulders, or anywhere really, to create something that’s fun and unique to you!

Again, apologies if any of this seems confusing at any point – leave me a comment if anything is unclear and I’ll add further instructions into the post : )

TA DA! What do you think?

Happy sewing people! x

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