Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

I finally got to the hairdressers today, so I no longer have racoon roots, yay! During one session Skyping with Carrie we said that it looked like I’d painted a dark line along my parting, haha. Not good! I do love having blonde hair, but my natural colour is so dark that when I get roots they aren’t exactly subtle… but my hairdresser is very nice and everyone in the salon is lovely (plus having your hair washed by someone else is A-MAZING!) so I don’t mind so much! Plus… they always give out free sweets, drinks and biscuits which is definitely something which is a perk! You know that they say, ‘little things please little minds’…

I’m traveling back to my little home town in Somerset tomorrow, which means cows, the Mulberry factory shop, and probably more cows! However, this is the first time in a year I’m going home without going back to my job at Tesco so I’m actually so excited to have lots of time to dedicate to my friends and family! And also, of course, time to dedicate to torturing myself over all of the amazing bits and bobs they have in Mulberry. Every trip gets more and more painful – no money = no fun! I am thinking about saving up for a bag though, because with the amount of binge buys I make (curse having Primark in my town!) I feel that its about time I save up for something I would really love and get a long term use out of… we’ll see how that one pans out!

I got this skirt third hand (third hand is the new second hand, people!) from my lovely friend the other day who was having a clearout, and have fallen in love with it! I do have a few black skirts but they’re much more boring and plain than this one, so its a great addition to my wardrobe… which incidentally needs a bit clearout itself. Or perhaps I just need a bigger wardrobe?! Wishful thinking… haha : ) My friend and I actually have a few things listed on eBay at the moment, check them out! Hope you’re all having a good week so far! x

9 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

  1. That skirt is gorgeous, I think I need more thirdhand things clearly!

    Good luck saving for a bag, I really love designer items but I do find it hard to part with so much money on one thing!

  2. Ah I love your pink Mulberry shoes so much! I imagine that having a Mulberry Factory Store in your hometown can be quite dangerous :3

    Have fun visiting with your family and friends!

  3. SAY WHAAAT?! Mulberry shoes mrs?! When? WHere? they;re gorge!
    Love love this outfit – so hot! The skirt is amazing, so lucky you nabbed that! Wantttt!
    Katie your blog is looking amazing atm, I love reading it, your DIYs are brill 😀
    big love lady xxxx
    Mulberry – I’m comin at cha!

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