The Minnie Mouse Dress

There are no shortage of Disney references on this blog at the moment, huh? Whilst my love of Disney stretches as far as my love for The Little Mermaid, apparently my inner-Disney fan is starting to reveal itself in my wardrobe! But hey… If its good enough for Rihanna and Dolce and Gabanna, its good enough or me! This dress is sooo Minnie Mouse it hurts. Another ‘hand me down’ from my good friend, and another addition to my wardrobe I have fallen for big stylee – the perfect summer dress, no?

I went to our little town fete I suppose you might call it, today, and lapped up the sunshine. I love the sun! Perhaps a little too much, though, because like a fool, I’m now sporting a bit of a burnt nose! It isn’t quite on the ‘Rudolph’ end of the scale, and luckily wasn’t bright enough to match my dress, so I haven’t labeled the ‘village idiot’ quite yet, but all the same, not a good look!

I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to the whole ‘town fete’ thing – something I get from my mum, a genetic dislike for anything provincial… but I always manage to have fun looking around the little stalls people have out, and managed for the first time to get some really great bargains from a charity stall, which you will be seeing very soon – I am now the proud owner of three new maxi skirts! Perhaps I’m converted to this town fete thing after all? The little old lady that was working on the stall was really sweet and helped me pick out some things, so who was I to say no to the 50p bargains being offered up?!

The weather here has been crazy lately; sunshine one minute, thunderstorms the next, which is why after spending yesterday stuck inside, I took to my garden as soon as I could to do some picture taking! When I came trudging down with my tripod my mum thought I was going out to take pictures of the shed… clearly she has never read a blog in her life, haha. Perhaps that could be a new blog idea, Shed Envy? Anyone?? *tumbleweed blows by*

4 thoughts on “The Minnie Mouse Dress

  1. That is such a pretty dress! I can totally imagine it fitting in perfectly in a Village Fete. Admittedly having never been much of a Town Fete person either my only knowledge comes from Midsommer Murders, so someone is bound to get stabbed with a cake knife at some point to make things more interesting!

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