Mulberry Delight

Say hello to my delightful new Mulberry Neely! I can’t believe she’s finally mine! Having been repeatedly putting Neely copy-a-likes into my online ‘baskets’ for months now, and resisting the temptation to buy cheap variations from high street stores, I am extremely happy that I managed to hold off because now, I have the real thing – and couldn’t be happier : )

Whilst I study, and love fashion, I’ve never really been able to condone spending out a huge sum of money on a handbag, no matter how beautiful or delectable I might find them to be, whilst I’m still a student it isn’t really an option… however, after having a bit of a turbulent year finance wise, I have finally been able to buy myself the best ever belated 21st birthday present for under half of the usual RRP, score! Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or indeed know me in real life, will be well aware of how much I love visiting the Mulberry factory outlet in my town… I’ve been itching to make a bag purchase for over two years now, and felt that the time had finally come!

After my first introduction to the Neely last year via my fellow Mulberry fanatic, Carrie, I haven’t been able to find a bag since that matches up so perfectly aesthetically – it was love at first sight! The clean lines make the understated design perfectly elegant and classic, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for some great patent leather… and trust me when I say the Neely is delicious to the touch! I can’t get enough. Big enough to fit in all the essentials and more (camera, of course!), Neely is the perfect arm candy for me!

Who doesn’t love a few cute little freebies to celebrate 40 years of Mulberry? Twice my age and twice as stylish… how do you do it Mulbz?! I think I’m going to be having fun accessorizing my outfits with the gold badges – perhaps my sweet little dog Bug will also want to wear one on his collar when he goes out for a walk, since he appears to be getting in the festive spirit, as you can see below…

I’ve been a little bit quiet on the blogging side this week, simply because I’m back at home and am enjoying spending some quality time with my friends and family, and Bug of course! And thank you for all of the lovely comments I’ve been reading on the blog, they always put a smile on my face : )

See you tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Mulberry Delight

  1. VERY jealous! Well don on holding back from the cheap replicas…I find their temptation too great and then find I never upgrade!

  2. Wow!! This is a beauty!! I NEED to get myself to Shepton Mallet! Keep promising myself a trip, I think it needs to be ASAP!!! 🙂 x

  3. Oh my, as anyone who reads my blog/Twitter knows, I’m the most enormous Mulberry fan girl too. So I am supremely jealous you live in the same town as the Mulberry outlet and scored the Neely so cheap – I’ve been hunting for the exact same bag in navy or blush since it was released (to no avail). Lucky, lucky girl!

    Briony xx

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