Crouching Tiger

I’m not really sure whether this print counts as tiger or zebra… perhaps a tiger x zebra with a little bit of The Incredible Hulk mixed in there too? Who knows! Either way, I found a great bargain in this shirt – I’m not exactly how much it cost but it must’ve been about £2 from the little town gathering I went to the other day! The good thing about buying from a charity shop/stall is that you can feel a little less guilty about spending money, because you know it’ll be going towards a good cause; guilt free fashion, I like it!

Whilst I was browsing Gala Darling last night, I was pleased to see an article tackling the weight debate which is becoming in increasingly prevalent point throughout the blogosphere. I’m by no means a size zero, and whilst I have my ‘fat days’ like everyone else, I’m comfortable in my skin! It can be disconcerting at times, as a lover of fashion and the fashion industry alike, to see sample sizes that are ridiculously small – a size I know I could never achieve naturally.

The blogosphere is great, because it allows all of us normal girls to share our love of fashion and to quip each other with tips on how to dress and look amazing at any size, so its a shame that weight may still be an issue at times! Fashion (and blogging of course) should be fun and democratic, and self expressive! So whilst I know that my thighs will always be a bit on the chunky/muscular side, and like any girl, there are tweaks I would happily make to my appearance, we need to spread the word that a chunky thigh isn’t so offensive, and that health and a lust for life are far more important than any niggles we may have about the way we look!

So to anyone out there who may be holding off starting up a blog because you don’t feel confident about your size, or worry that you might not ‘fit in’, seize the day because all shapes and sizes are welcome on my browser (and indeed any other blogger I know!) we love to see how other people are dressing and living their lives, regardless of anything else. Blogging is all about breaking the usual conventions and showing the world who you are, after all : ) if you aren’t a size 8 with the legs of an amazonian goddess, who cares?! FOOD IS FUN : )

Head on over to the article to see for yourself, there are some great, liberating perspectives that have been shared; Gala always knows how to make us girls feel good about ourselves, like our blogging-supreme-fairy-godmother! P.S her blog makes for some amazing rainy day reading too, which many of us UK-ers are on the look out for at the moment, so check her out!

9 thoughts on “Crouching Tiger

  1. One of the reasons I read blogs is to see girls like me looking amazing in clothes I can afford. I can read about models in magazines, I like to read about real people online! I think Gala’s post was really good, and I think it’s so good to encourage more regular people to blog.

    Ps love your top!

  2. I’ve found Gala’s posts on this subject really interesting. However the comment above ‘all hail curves’ can also be seen as criticising bodies that are naturally slim and not curvy. I hate the way Christina Hendricks is always held up as a perfect woman and how curves are so sexy and ‘real women’ have curves. There is no such thing as the ideal body! Personally, I love to see how different people dress regardless of their body shape. That’s more inspiring to me than supermodels who all look the same and have unattainable body shapes.

  3. Have just stumbled upon your blog, and have spent the past hour having a good read – you seem like a kindred spirit!

    And just love this post. You’re exactly right; the best thing about the blogosphere is that it celebrates real women or all shapes and sizes and having size 8 thighs isn’t a prerequisite (I am certainly not that shape naturally either).

    And LOVE your Mulberry Neely!

    Briony xx

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