This top is by no means new, I got it from a charity shop in Somerset last summer, but I’ve always held off from wearing it because the people in my town don’t really ‘get’ fashion and I think they’d think it was a bit ‘out there’, which is actually crazy talk to anyone who’s ever step foot in London, but goes to show how different fashion-perspectives are in the countryside! I’ve also been more wary of wearing pink ever since I made the change from brunette to blonde – I don’t want to end up looking like a Barbie wannabe, or Hannah Monatana!

However, in the spirit of self-liberation, and upon reflection after my last post, I’ve kind of decided that I don’t really mind what other people think of me, and that as long as I’m happy in the way I’m dressed, no one can make me feel bad about it; and I hope that goes for all of you guys too, because life’s too short to tone down your personality, clothes and otherwise!

So it looks like I’ll be dressing like a flamingo, or indeed any other animal I like from now on! Haha : ) I do actually really love this top, and regret not wearing it more, because feathers are my favourite design feature. I would dress in luxurious feathered dresses every day if I had the money… a couple of my recent favourites are these Chanel creations. The little blue number Laura Bailey is rocking is pretty much my dream dress, too perfect! She looks like a high-fashion Alice in Wonderland, I love it!

I’m going to be slowly selling off some pieces of clothing over the next couple of months or so, because like any other girl who loves fashion, my wardrobe is starting to burst at the seams – definitely a sign that its time for a clearout! I haven’t had much time to sort things out yet, but I am selling a pair of customised vintage Levi Strauss cutoffs on eBay at the moment. I’ve been holding on to them for a while, but after the realisation set in that they’ll never fit me properly, its time to say goodbye! I think they’d be perfect for a summer festival, check them out!

7 thoughts on “Flamingo

  1. I love the feathers – I have the most disgusting cardigan (nicknamed the Carpetigan by my students) that looks like 70’s carpet from your Gran’s house. I often get strange looks wearing it, but I love it, and despite it’s foulness, I feel good in it! You rock those feathers!

  2. I lvoe that top – definitely a great homage to Chanel! I definitely believe in wearing what you want and to hell with what other people think. As long as you are comfortable and happy with the way you look who cares?!

  3. I love the top, it’s absolutely beautiful. I have a black mid-thigh black knitted jacket with feathered hood and everytime I wear it, I feel I’m transported to another time and nevermind the stares, I stand a little taller and I smile a little bit more because darnit, it’s fun wearing something with feathers!!

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