Mint Choc Cherry

[Dress Zara, Lipstick Cherries in the Snow by Revlon, Nail Varnish Mint Green by Barry M]

After my friend Katie did my nails in leopard print for me back in January, I’ve been itching to have a go at nail art myself! Nail-painting has always been something I’ve been doing, I’d often show up to school with red and black nails much to some of my teachers’ annoyance, and I really miss having my nails in loud colours when I go back to my supermarket job – neutral colours only, boo!

Some time ago now, I read a nail art tutorial by our resident nail art fanatic Gemfatale, which said that liquid eye liner pens could be used as nail art pens – genius! Liquid eyeliner isn’t something I usually buy, but I got one free with this month’s Company magazine and thought I would finally give it a go, woohoo, hence the polka dots! Not that adventurous I know, but I’m going to try something a bit more ‘wild’ next time : ) having mint coloured nails with black dots on means I’m currently craving mint choc chip ice cream… I don’t have any, but am managing to make my way quite nicely through some custard donuts instead, mmmmmmm!

I’m also enjoying using the liquid eyeliner for its proper purpose. For years I’ve been wearing my make up the same way, and thought it was time for a change! Since I was 13/14 I’ve been hiding behind my pencil eyeliner, which somehow ALWAYS manages to smudge within about 5 minutes of application… so for the past 7 years I’ve been walking around with smudged eyeliner, cool. Needless to say, I’m welcoming something which is a little bit fresher and that doesn’t end up half way down my face/leaving me looking like an emo panda!

6 thoughts on “Mint Choc Cherry

  1. My Go-To look has always included a bit of liquid eye-liner above the top lashes. Its so “Audrey Hepburn” and seems to give my eyes a bit more exaggeration.
    p.s. looooove mint choc chip ice cream!!

  2. Mint nails are great, it’s all I’ve been painting my nails with lately! And polkadots is always a plus too, fantastic nail art Katie.
    Oh I have that dress too! Though I left it in London, it would be too much to wear in this heat right now in Portugal.
    I adore red lipstick, it’s the only make up item I can’t live without! you look awesome with it 😉

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