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Necklaces Second hand & Charity Shop]

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Wow, so July is here? It feels crazy that Summer is upon us already… it feels like only a couple of months ago I was counting down the new year in my friends’ garden, wrapped up in all sorts of layers in a bid to keep the cold out!

For those of you wondering if I’ve only just cottoned on to the fact that Summer is here… I have noticed before now, but what with all the dodgy wet English weather I’m so accustomed to, I know that summer is here for real when it hits the 1st of July! That isn’t to say there won’t be more rain… but God, if you’re reading this somehow, please keep it at bay as long as possible : ) thanks!

This little jacket I’m wearing is one I’ve had for a few years now, but always struggle to find a time for. It isn’t necessarily lightweight enough to wear as a summer jacket, but with the half-length sleeves it isn’t really appropriate for winter either! Dilemma! Luckily today was warm enough for bare arms, but not so hot that I’d fry in anything more than a t-shirt. I do actually really love wearing it when I do, so I’m going to be making a conscious effort to get more wear out of it – I’ll be taking it home or summer with me (if I have room in my suitcase!) because I’ve found that its a quick and effective way to jazz up some outfits which ordinarily would be quite plain.

As for the accessories, anyone who knows me in real life will tell you that pearls are a favourite of mine. If the Fashion world suddenly rejected pearls tomorrow, I’d still be wearing them! I can’t get enough. I remember being at college once, and a girl I spoke to jokingly said that pearls were “so last year”… for me they’ll always be fun and I’ll always have room for them in my jewellery box! I couldn’t decide which necklace to wear, so in keeping with my usual philosophy, I wore both. The shell was given to me by a friend who was having a clear out, and is now one of my favourite necklaces!

I am also wearing NEW SHOES. Music to any girl’s ears! My best friend is currently doing an internship and picked these up for free for me when the building was having a clear out (thanks Sianny!) – this is a definite perk of studying Fashion at university! I’ve been moaning lately that all of my shoes are a bit boring, and since I’m a sucker for patent (faux in this case!) leather these fit the bill nicely.

I’m heading back to Somerset for the summer tomorrow, so it’s time for the dreaded suitcase packing now… wish me luck! See you soon : )

9 thoughts on “Houndstooth

  1. Really pretty. I love that jacket but totally know what you mean about finding a time to wear it. Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and those inbetween days are always mental because they flip between the two all day long so you’re constantly pulling clothes on and off.


  2. You look lovely, the shoes are great! Can’t believe you got them for free! And the necklaces are lovely as well!

    Hope you have a great summer back home!

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