Motel Rocks!

Last Thursday I headed into London for what was a welcome and much needed ‘fun’ trip to Oxford Street! With university being as demanding as it has been this year, and with my only trips being in aid of work experience or market research, it was a breath of fresh air (ironic that I would say this about what is undoubtedly a ‘smog’ filled city! Haha.) to be able to spend the day in London doing whatever I fancied! It’s at times like this I get really excited about the prospect of moving to London properly, and living and working in the buzz of the city, I can’t wait!

I met up with the lovely Lily before we headed on up to the Motel event in the evening, stopping off at Selfridges along the way to torture ourselves by looking at expensive handbags, as well as a much needed break at Starbucks which conveniently helped us to dodge some of the summer rainfall… only in England, eh?

It was great to meet some more bloggers at the event, and to catch up with some lovely girlies I’ve met before! Paula, who works for Motel was lovely and spent some good time chatting and getting to know us, whilst we waited in line to get our nails ‘Wah’d’! I opted out in the end because my nails were already (badly) painted, and I know how impatient I am when it comes to allowing my nails to dry – I thought it better that someone else, who wouldn’t smudge the pain stakingly intricate designs, got theirs done instead!

My favourite piece from the evening was the wonderfully crazy green fur coat, which reminded me of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street! Haha. There is certainly nothing ‘grouchy’ or hobo-ish about this coat though, amazing…

I can’t wait to get my 550D so my pictures will be a bit sharper! Eeek. 18 megapixels of pure camera-ey goodnedss, coming my way soon I hope! It’s such a tease for me at the moment that my trusty old 400D isn’t cutting it for me anymore quality wise *sob* technology moves so ridiculously fast that this was inevitable, really!

I hope you’re all having a good week, things have been a bit quiet lately because I’m back in Somerset again and have been gallavanting around my home town all week making the most of the sun ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving it! See you soon! xxx

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