I’m With The Band

[Shirt Dress Topshop, T-shirt Orlando, Skirt Charity Shop, Belt Parimark, Loafers Tesco, Earrings Primark]

With the weather playing it’s usual games, it decided to get all gloomy and start raining just as I picked up my tripod to take some photos, which meant that it was too dark inside, and too wet outside! Boo! I can’t wait until the day when I move somewhere that doesn’t have such dramatic weather mood swings… doing some ‘California Dreaming’ today, haha. This song is actually quite fitting because it really does feel like ‘such a winter’s day’ at the moment, even though it’s July and should be sunny! Come on mother nature, let us off for a bit and send some to the poor people of Ethiopia!

Enough about the weather… what a cliche topic for an English person to start going on about, eh? The skirt I’m wearing today was a fully blown granny skirt (from the town fete I went to about a month ago!) until I took the scissors to it this morning – a stressful process where 1. pleats are involved 2. you’re the kind of person who’s too impatient to do the whole ‘planning’ stage i.e pinning and/or marking it out and 3. when your mum starts wincing at you every time you make a snip… it’s straight now though, after about four re-do’s! I’m such a pro, what can I say? Haha.

I’ve been debating for a while whether or not to cut it, since maxi skirts are so popular at the moment, and skirts like this are everywhere currently… however, I’ve never really been one to wear maxi skirts so I knew I’d get much more wear out of it at a shorter length, and am now very happy with it! I’m possibly going to try and hem it somehow when I get into a ‘sewing’ mood! We’ll see how that goes… haha. I expect there are a few seamstresses out there, reading this and fearing for the skirt. My mum said it’d be silly to try and hem a pleated skirt like this, but hey, its worth a go!

I also need to re-button the polka dot Topshop shirtdress I’m wearing today over my outfit. This is the only way I can wear it at the moment! I’m so disappointed with the amount of buttons that have fallen off, I do expect better of Topshop really! It may be a blessing in disguise though, I’m not a huge fan of the current black and silver buttons so I’m going to see if I can find some nice little gold ones to replace them with.

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10 thoughts on “I’m With The Band

  1. I keep seeing skirts like this around, but in their maxi form, and thinking how on trend they are… but I’m like you – in reality I will never wear them long! I think it would be best not to re-hem it, because (from experience) they end up doing a weird sort of stickey outy lampshade effect which is very hard to iron out! You seem to have done a fairly neat job cutting it so I think it looks ok as it is ๐Ÿ˜€ xxx

  2. Lovely outfit, the boyish t-shirt and the girly skirt look great together! The skirt is a really pretty colour and you did a great job of shortening it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love this idea of cutting the skirt up! That is so clever, tomorrow I am going to go charity shop shopping and try to find a skirt like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. amazing outfit again. so fun! i really love the idea of wearing a dress as a light coat.

    remember my comment on your crouching tiger-post? i got the skirt with the similar print like your shirt has…. you’re blog and post is featured in today’s post abut this skirt!!!

    i follow on bloglovin – if you want to, please follow back on google.


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