Marchesa Spring 2011

Considering how much I love fashion, I rarely ever seem to post collections I love on the blog! I think I worry sometimes that these posts can end up looking like ‘fillers’ for when I have nothing else to write about… but that will never be the case, promises!

This collection really just got me so excited! I’m often frustrated when I see garments going down the catwalk that are generic or ‘high street’ looking, and that don’t seem to have had much creative thought put into them. I’m not referring to any particular designers, it’s just one of those thoughts I have from time to time – and not one that makes me love fashion any less! However, I do love it when I see a collection that pushes all of my style-aesthetic buttons, and this is one of them…

I think it’s fair to say that Marchesa are often quite quirky in their designs, which is a quality I enjoy very much so in all elements of fashion, and otherwise. Not to mention, the kind of workmanship that goes into these showstoppers is obviously painstaking! Everything, from the beautiful baroque jewels, through to the dress that turns it’s wearer into a walking, talking pompom, (you’ll know by now how much I love pompoms!) is genius in it’s execution and absolutely, breathtakingly to die for.

If I could fall into my own little Wonderland, I would hope to see people inside it dressed like this! I am absolutely in love with the bottom left creation, which would most definitely be one of my Wonderland dresses of choice! The way the skirt falls in such a ‘light as a feather’ way is just so dreamy… the girls who get to wear these dresses are very lucky!

Dear winner of the Euromillions jackpot… if you’re reading this and fancy making my fashion dream come true, call me!

If you would like to see more, you can view the full collection here, I strongly suggest you do, the whole collection is divine!

6 thoughts on “Marchesa Spring 2011

  1. If I were a Hollywood actress I would pretty much dress exclusively in Marchesa.Everything they do is so so beautiful. Oh, and I’d have a soft spot for Elie Saab too!

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