Sunday Lust List #2

01. There is possibly no more stylish way to bike-ride than on a gorgeous Pashley creation, I think you’ll agree. Perfectly elegant and ladylike, I have been wishing for a Pashley bicycle ever since I stumbled across the brand during one of my first year university projects. I can just imagine riding one of these beauties along the edge of a canal on a warm summer’s day, wind in my hair, and a nice box of yummy treats in the basket!

02. I remember hearing about bubble tea (I think it is also referred to sometimes as ‘pearl tea’) a couple of years ago now, but never really discovering it anywhere! I think it is perhaps more of a ‘thing’ in the USA than in the UK at the moment. I have recently heard about a place in London which specialises in the stuff, and am dying to go there to try one for myself – I hear that they come in different fruity flavours, including apple, which to me sounds absolutely delicious!

03. I’m a huge fan of wearing earrings, as you may have noticed! The more unusual, the better. I really like these because it’s kind of an optical illusion – they look like leopard print, but it’s actually just a series of little black rectangles. Clever, eh? I’m a fan of animal print accessories, and actually used to have some earrings similar to this with a zebra print pattern, which I wore to death and think I may have lost one of them – so I think these would be a great replacement!

04. Need I even explain myself on this one? These are the most badass sunglasses I’ve seen in a long time! Perfectly retro and endlessly quirky, these Prada shades are worth doing a double take over. They clearly belong somewhere in a Tim Burton film, I mean, wow…

05. After watching Rio, I seem to have gone a bit parrot mad! I love the 50’s feel to this cute little playsuit, and the colours are more than summery enough to make up for the bad weather we’ve been having in the UK the past couple of weeks. I’m hoping to make a trip to Las Vegas this October, and feel like this may be a great little addition to my holiday wardrobe!

06. Barry M never lets me down when I’m looking to add a burst of colour to an outfit via my nails, and these are the latest shades (‘Yellow’ and ‘Tangerine’) I’m looking to add to my collection! I aso find that Barry M stays chip proof much longer than other brands I’ve used, which means at £2.99 a pot I think they’re very reasonable.

07. I’ve always been really into statement jewellery. I rarely indulge in it, but always enjoy browsing for great pieces! I was lucky enough to stumble upon Les Nereides on one very confused trip to Covent Garden. I got lost about four times trying to find the place I was meant to be going to, but it was totally worth it because of this little discovery!

08. Having spotted an advert on TV for the Next summer sale, I thought I’d head on over to the website and see if there were any bargains to be had! I’ve been looking for some cute heels to wear through the summer months, needing them to be comfortable and practical enough to trek about town in, and also stylish enough to complete a simple summer outfit. I thought that these would be perfect, since they have enough of a platform to ensure that my feet won’t be unhappy in them! I’m a huge fan of the ‘cloggish’ styles that are about at the moment – I used to live in clogs on holidays when I was younger, so this more grown up version is definitely welcome in my wardrobe!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Lust List #2

  1. I really like this feature! Your choices are lovely, and the ones of the previous Sunday Lust List even more! I am still on the look for a perfect yellow dress.

  2. Haha yes, bubble tea is definitely a bit of thing here in the U.S. My friends and I are constantly ordering it in large quantities from a nearby Thai restaurant…I think once we ordered 12 bubble teas, and that was it. You can make it on your own, actually — my friend made some for me once! That specialty store sounds fantastic though, especially with tons of flavors to choose from.


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