Layzee Dayze

So my new 50mm lens arrived today, yippee! I’ve been hankering after some sort of camera upgrade lately, and this has done the job or the time being! After 5 years with the same camera and lens, I am really happy to have a nice change : ) I would really recommend this lens – I know it’s quite popular with some other bloggers I know. The detail the lens can capture is really great, and thanks to the f1.8 aperture, the quality of light is fab! Great for macro and portrait shots.

I got this knit top yesterday (not sure whether it counts as a jumper!) for £5 from New Look. As you can see, the back has come undone a little bit, which my mum said she can ‘pick up’ for me (knitting term… for any non-knitters like me, haha) so it should look good as new in no time! I’ve kind of been trying to discourage myself from bargain binge buys recently, but after I’d had my eye one these before it seemed too good to miss. The soft, slouchy fit is great for lazy days like I’ve had today, too! And lightweight enough to ensure that I don’t get totally drenched on dashes to the coffee shop in the rain… boo.

As you can see, Bug is making his second appearance on the blog this week! It’s a surprise to me that he hasn’t been making appearances on here more often, because he is my favourite and #1 camera subject! Quite the little poser! As you can see, the new lens has captured him in all his staffie x whippet glory… quite the ‘pedigree chum’, eh? Haha. Maybe he’ll be getting his own blog soon, if any brands reading this would like to send him some designer doggy coats? Haha ❤

Hope you've all had a fab Monday! x

6 thoughts on “Layzee Dayze

  1. Ahh your dog is gorgeous! New lenses are always fun, I really need to get a new one for my camera! Love that jumper by the way 🙂


  2. That photo of Bug is gorgeous! I got my 50mm lens a little while ago and I just adore it, makes me feel like a real blogger with my shallow depth of field photos, haha!

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