Green with Envy

[Blazer Charity Shop, Top River Island, Skirt Giles Deacon @ New Look, Loafers Tesco, Ring Primark, Nails Barry M 290]

You will probably remember this blazer from my last post! I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of it since I bought it last week; think it may be my favourite summer buy! Β£3.99 well spent I say : ) my new lens seems to be showing up the creases well too, after I stuffed it into my bag earlier after the weather had one of it’s chilly to hot mood swings.

Sorry the blog has been a bit quiet over the last week *tumbleweed blows by* I had three days of working solid over the weekend at a great little outlet that has just opened up in my town, the owners needed extra staff for the opening weekend so I offered my services! It makes me realise how hard it can be sometimes to find time for blogging, and photo taking, if there are other commitments that come up, so kudos to anyone who has a full time job and still manages to keep their blog going!

This summer is great for me, because I’m not working at the moment, which means more time for blogging and fun… although I have jury duty coming up soon which I am less than enthusiastic about, wish me luck with my long bus journeys, boo!

Some of you may have noticed that my hair is looking a bit longer in these pictures. Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered some sort of hair ‘miracle grow’, but I do have new extensions! I’ve never been really obvious on the blog about the fact I wear extensions, not because I want to keep it a secret, just that I’ve been wearing them so long now that I kind of forget that I do! I feel much more myself with longer hair, too, for some reason! I’ve always been a serial ‘hair cutter-offer’ and find that wearing extensions is helping me to let my own hair grow, and lessens the damage in terms of straightening etc, and once it gets to a point I’m happy with, I won’t feel the need to wear them anymore : ) it’s always nice to have a bit more to play with too I find, when it comes to styling!

How cute is my new ring? I couldn’t resist it for 50p in Primark, matching earrings included! I rarely buy rings because they always turn my finger green, but this solves my problems because it’s plastic, woohoo! Its faux metal finish is pretty convincing too I’d say : )

84 thoughts on “Green with Envy

    • Gorgeous Blazer! If you like poetry you should read my blog! I’m just beginning though, so I’d really appreciate consructive criticism. And, your blog is amazing, im a new reader and I love it!

  1. I may know someone who knows someone who heard a rumor that her friend is contemplating extensions … what are your thoughts? Do they hurt your natural hair? Do they “feel” real?

    Just curious…


  2. Love the nail color — I just got a gorgeous jungle-green shade from OPI: I’m Cuckoo for This Color. I’ve gotten compliments!

  3. Congrats on Freshly Pressed! You have such a cute blog, and I adore your style — this look has a kind of vintage feel, but it’s fresh and polished at the same time. I love the green colors together, and that teal blazer with the gold buttons is a fantastic piece. Your hair is gorgeous, I would never have guessed you had extensions. I too feel more “myself” with longer hair…I don’t think I’ve ever had it cut anywhere above my shoulders since I was, like, two.


  4. You’re very elegant! ^^ I was searching for some fashion blogs of quality.
    I’m french, but you can visit my blog and leave a comment if you want ! =)
    Sorry for my approximate English … I hope it is understandable. :/

  5. The jacket looks absolutely amazing! i love matching my nails to my outfits. But i also like matching my eyeshadow to my outfits too xD

  6. So cute – love the stars! Incidentally, if you’re ever in the Lake Superior area, you should get an agate ring. They’re cheap, come in all colors, and look a bit like impure jade. I got mine in Minnesota, but they probably sell them at other northern beaches too.

  7. Thrift shop finds are the best! I volunteer at one where I unpack the donations which means I have first dibs. Rarely is it that I don’t come home with something.

  8. I just discovered your blog and love it! This outfit is amazing and I can’t believe those loafers are from Tesco – I need them in my life! My blog is so if you ever fancy taking a look at my recent fashion obsessions please do visit or get in touch πŸ™‚ x

  9. Everyone seems to have such professional extentions these days! I’m glad you’ve been getting lots of wear out of that lovely new blazer, and simultaneously enjoying the summer. I always think it’s quite a blessing to be unemployed in the summer!

  10. I love your color combination. Been looking for a calmer turquoise coat for the winter. Something like yours. I like to pair with black and rusted gold. Love your color scheme, did I mention it?

  11. Gorgeous photos.. and that model is very beautiful as well! Normally I wouldn’t comment on blogs, but this one was really worthy of being freshly pressed and such great things should really get feedback is my opinion! I just saw Discover the Gift and it has taught me to appreciate even the little things, as well as a plethora of other great life lessons.. Heard of it? It helped me maybe it can help you, hehe.. Really good stuff.

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