Berry Bomb

[Jacket Charity Shop, Heart Jewellery Primark, Nails Barry M 290]

I’m going to a party next week that is ‘charity shop’ fancy dress, which is easily my favourite theme! It’s always fun to see people’s crazy finds, and to see how everyone interprets it. Whilst scrounging around for my own outfit, I stumbled upon this great little jacket which was an amazing steal at Ā£1.50! I know I said I’d be staving off from buying clothes, but this was just too good to miss. I love the summer berry print, a great variation from the usual florals we’re so accustomed to through the summer months! The label said that it needs some work done under the arms, but as far as I can see there’s nothing wrong with it, so I’m not really sure what they mean by this – perhaps I’ll get home later to find the whole thing has unraveled from the armpit upwards, leaving me looking like I got attacked by a shredder! We’ll see, haha : )

I’m heading off to a BBQ today for a bit of a summer suare, and am hoping that the weather will hold out long enough for us to spend some time in the garden! I think us Brits can all agree that the weather has been a bit temperamental lately – please have mercy on us, I’m still craving a day at the beach!

Yesterday when I came online, I discovered that my last post had been featured on the target=”new”>Wordpress ‘Freshly Pressed’ page. I was puzzled for a while as to the sudden increase in visitors – what a lovely surprise! It may be a sign that I’m not a very good blogger, because I didn’t even know such thing existed until yesterday! Oooops. Nonetheless I am really grateful to everyone who has stopped by and visited my blog after spotting it on there, and indeed for anyone and everyone who drops by in general, it makes me really happy that even one person would find some amusement in reading my wafflings!

Keep your fingers crossed for me that our BBQ won’t turn into a washout! See you soon : )

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