Sunday Lust List #3

01. I’m not particularly adventurous when it comes to make up, and tend to stick to a smoky eyed look if I’m ever making that extra effort, which is why this palette looks great! I know that with this selection of colours, I could easily mix up the look in a way which would remain fairly neutral and not too over the top. Whilst I absolutely love wearing colour, as far as make up goes, I’m a bit scared I could end up looking like a drag queen or a dodgy 80’s throwback! I have heard great things about Urban Decay from friends, who know more about make up than I do, myself, so I’d take their word for it that this would be a good addition to my make up collection!

02. Dahlia is a brand I have been looking to for inspiration for quite a while now. I haven’t ever made a purchase for some reason, but I know that it is inevitable that I will! This style reminds me of Jean Seberg’s cute striped Dior number in ‘Breathless’, and since the nautical trend seems to come back around each summer, this would be perfect for a trip to the seaside, with lots of ice cream of course!

03. As a fashion fanatic, I’m proud to say that I share my birthplace with Mulberry! Living in a little town in the countryside, an established designer brand such as Mulberry is something I never would’ve considered possible in terms of its origination – anyone else from a small town can probably agree that ‘country folk’ aren’t all that fashion orientated! But nonetheless, Mulberry has is currently celebrating its 40th birthday, and what better way to do this than by publishing a book? Admittedly, at £55, even for what I imagine is a beautifully put together, glossy paged extravaganza, the price tag is still a little too steep to tempt me, but we can all dream, eh?

04. Ever since the days when I would watch The Little Mermaid at least once a day, I have been fascinated and enchanted by marine life. This has seemingly led to me having a bit of a thing for sealife inspired accessories, queue the goldfish ring on my first lust list, and now this adorable little Moby Dick coin purse by Gucci. I can’t think of a cuter contraption to keep my pennies in. I’m sure that if I had it my way, my whole life would probably end up looking like some sort of over sized fishbowl… no sharks though, please!

05. In celebration/mourning of the end of Harry Potter, and life as I’ve known it for 11 years, I feel like I should pay homage to a series that has meant so much to me, by being an ubergeek and adding a little golden snitch necklace to my jewellery box! My mum would possibly disown me for doing such a thing, I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m the most lame 21 year old on the planet for loving Harry Potter, but hey… HP fo’ lyfe! There are a lot of variations of this scattered about on Etsy, I’m yet to find my perfect snitch yet though, so I’ll be keeping an eye out!

06. I’ve always been a bit obsessed by feathery things… not birds so much, funnily enough, but if you put a feathered accessory in front of me I will attach myself to it. I’m currently on the lookout for a great little feathered collar, and whilst I’m not sure where this one is from, it pretty much fits the bill as far as I’m concerned! I would love one in either black, grey or dusky pink : ) or all of them, if I win the lottery?

07. Lula, Lula, Lula. Where do I begin? Possibly the most perfect magazine ever. The art direction is beautiful, and the clothes to die for, what’s not to love? Lula is like the magazine world’s answer to a wonderfully whimsical fairytale. I have been meaning to subscribe for like, forever… but somehow the pricepoint always puts me off a little bit. I think it’ll soon be time to bite the bullet, I don’t think I’ll regret it!

08. Boots are my favourite kind of shoe (Does that even make fashion-sense? Are they totally different things?) so each new season I seem to end up torturing myself over all of the amazing new ‘booty’ that comes into sight. These beauties from Topshop strike the perfect balance between feminine and that certain hard-edged clonkiness that I crave in a boot, that ignites endless style possibilities in my mind for each season! These may be my perfect boots. Reminiscent of jodphur boots, I’m reminded of my days mucking out horses in my riding days – not that these would be going anywhere near even a speck of mud if they were mine!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Lust List #3

  1. That dress is so lovely.
    I also hate looking like a drag queen, just horrible. Sadly it’s a bit of a hard thing for me to avoid : D.
    Anyways, I seriously dig your style (I hope you won’t take that as an insult : ) ). Glad I discovered you on ‘Freshly Pressed’.


  2. I have the same thing about Lula – always mean to buy it and then I’m like ‘oh, will I actually get £6.99 of joy from it?’ but tbh I probably would so really need to start buying it properly!

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