Children of the Revolution

[Felt Hat New Look, Top Primark, Skirt H&M, Nails Freebie with ELLE Magazine (Orange)]

Hello! Apologies that I’ve been a bit MIA over the last week or so; I was preparing for a couple of miserable weeks doing jury service (booooo!) and felt that the only thing to do was to make the most of the sunshine and spending time with friends before I would inevitably be stuck inside a court room for 2 weeks! Thankfully, I was ‘released’ because of problems with expenses (my little home town is too out in the sticks for it to be viable!) so I’m a free woman, yay!

That means that I am now free to blog again too – something I’m very happy about!

I’ve been looking for a floppy felt hat for what must be over a year now! It was my plan to buy one to wear last summer, but I never managed to find one that was reasonably priced and in the style and colour that I wanted. Whilst it might sound a bit stingey, I can’t really justify spending more than £20 on a hat as I probably won’t get enough wear out of it! Certainly not in Somerset anyway, when wearing anything edging on ‘out there’ earns you funny looks, as I’ve mentioned before. I’m not hugely bothered by this, but most of the time I do just want to go about my business without making a spectacle of myself! I’m in love with the 70’s vibe this hat gives off, and definitely helps along the carefee attitude that should be enjoyed during the summer months. Peace, love and sunshine, and plenty of it, please?!

The lipstick I’m wearing is one of my favourites, and one I’m making more effort to wear lately. A few years back, I asked my mum for a plum coloured lipstick for Christmas, and she certainly came up with the goods in finding me this one – well done mum! It feels great, doesn’t dry out easily and is a lovely rich colour, and to me, the perfect shade of plum without being too ‘Wednesday Addams’. The nail varnish was a freebie with the current issue of ELLE, which as far as freebies go is pretty good; I only needed one coat! I can’t comment of it’s chip-proof-ness because I’ve only just put it on, but will report back soon!

14 thoughts on “Children of the Revolution

  1. I love your hat! And your top Katie.
    I want a floppy felt hat and a cloche hat for winter! But I’ll leave it for later, since I saw some nice ones at Portobello!

  2. I love this outfit! So summery and pretty, and now I have Children of the Revolution in my head!

    Is it weird that I quite want to be called for jury service? I’m fascinated with the process, and I really quit like the idea of being involved in such an important part of the law. Admittedly it’s probably more of a pain when you actually get called though!

  3. Wearing the perfect lipstick makes or breaks an entire outfit, doesn’t it?
    The top does look great – can’t believe it’s Primark actually 🙂

  4. That hat is great – the perfect colour too.
    I have a similar hat in grey – but unfortunately it always seems to blow off my head if I try and wear it!

    Christina x

  5. I’ve got a straw hat which has a similar shape, but your brown felt one just looks so luxurious! I have exactly the same problem with wearing ‘edgy’ outfits back here – just one walk up the highstreet wearing something remotely bloggable attracts far too many looks. I also LOVE your skirt – amazing find! x

  6. This outfit is gorgeous! I have the blouse myself and have been considering what to pair it with. A cream skirt seems to be the answer. Love what you were saying about the plum lipstick too. Plum is my fave lipstick shade and I wear it to death. Loving the hat xx

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