Beside the Seaside…

I think it’s fair to say that British beaches aren’t exactly known for their tropical charm or exotic beauty… (and only in England could you sit on the beach in the summer, wearing a bobble hat!) but whatever they may lack in this regard, they definitely make up for in character! One of my best friends invited me along to Weymouth on a coach trip his mum plans every year, so I finally got my much needed summer beach visit, yay! I’ve always found it hard making beach trips in my Summer holidays because I’ve usually been working a lot of the time, and particularly this year, now I have no car, I gave up hope that it’d ever happen. During the summer, I put on my best ‘Yes! Man’ cap and have been lapping up all I can before I go back to university. I love going to places I might not usually consider, and I am definitely having one of the best summers, to date! (Hence my lack of blogging, sorry guys!)

The last time I went to Weymouth was when I was much younger, and able to enjoy a donkey ride! Unfortunately, this time I was a bit too big to be going on… so instead, I watched jealously as all the little kids had their fun. Ever since my riding days ended, I’ve really missed having that kind of closeness with horses, so I couldn’t get enough of the donkeys when we saw them on this trip and couldn’t resist going over and giving them some affection after they’d been working hard!

Unfortunately I wasn’t gutsy enough to brave the sea; sand stuck between my toes is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, too! I’d say that a UK beach day is more for playing around in the sand than taking a dip in the icy cold sea, unless you want to catch pneumonia you should come equipped with lots of towels and warm clothes – which I wasn’t. I was quite keen to rent out a pedalo, but my friends thought otherwise, booo! I also took the opportunity to pig out a little bit and buy some chips, which I feel is kind of a seaside tradition over in Britain! We were very lucky that although it wasn’t the brightest or sunniest day of the year, the rain held off and we managed to stay warm in our deck chairs for most of the day – always a plus! : )

I’d definitely recommend a beach trip to anyone who may be visiting England in the summer! The weather may not match up to the kind of thing you can enjoy in the Mediterranean, but it is nonetheless a great day out and a chance to see things a little bit differently. Oh, and be careful not to get sand in your fish and chips, of course! There was a great little coffee and snack shop close to where we were sitting, which served slush puppy cocktails – great, if like me, slush puppies were <i>the</i> drink of your childhood, love it!

P.S you will be pleased to know that I have finally had my roots done, they are looking particularly bad in these pictures! But hey ho, haha : )

11 thoughts on “Beside the Seaside…

  1. I love your photos! You simply cannot find a better beach than a British one – I refuse to believe it! If it isn’t freezing and covered in tacky souvenirs I don’t want to know!

  2. The pictures are really really nice. I am curious to visit the seaside in England since all I know is the Portuguese and the Spanish ones. I might pop down to Bristol some time soon 😉

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