[Sweater Tesco Clothing, Skirt Charity Shop, Nails Barry M 290]

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you might remember that a little while ago I got a bit obsessed with deer-print, and deer themed accessories… which is exactly why I fell in love with this cute little sweater the second I saw it. I’ve also been a bit of a secret camel fan too for a while, but have failed to end up with anything camel-coloured because it always seemed like a bit of a cliche option to me, I think. Whilst I’m not the most ‘out there’ with my fashion choices, I sometimes pick up on trends a little bit later once the hype has died down, because to me, it isn’t fun looking like everyone else walking down the high street! That said, I don’t think badly of anyone who does pick up on a trend because everyone’s fashion sensibilities are, and quite rightly, should be different!

I’ve been trying not to buy clothes at the moment, but often the odd bargain pops up here and there and I just can’t resist. I’m proud of the fact that most of my recent purchases have been either charity shop or *sale* buys – I can’t resist a bargain, as you know! This jumper was an early Christmas present from my mum, because we aren’t really ‘doing’ Christmas this year as such, and whenever it gets to December I never know what to ask for anyway; so this kills to birds (or deer?) with one stone : ) also, I’m thankful to have another, more exciting jumper available for wearing right now, because this summer weather has been very chilly and difficult to dress for, particularly when you come back from uni for the summer with only 3 jumpers in the suitcase! Booo.

The skirt was £2 from a charity shop, which I bought yesterday. I sometimes wonder how things ended up in a charity shop, and discover possible reasons why when I make it to trying them on. This skirt gives the illusion of a bit of a belly, thanks to the cut, which isn’t all that flattering! I’m going to see if there are any quick fixes I can do to flatten it out a little bit, but we’ll see… either way, I love the little gold button and chain details on the front, super cute!

I do feel like I’m being a really flaky blogger at the moment, and feel that I should be apologising for this! Like I’ve said before though, summer is the only time of year I have all the freedom I like, and I’m having a lot of fun taking advantage of this, so if the posts are a bit scarce, it’s not because I’m bored of blogging, it’s just that I’m making the most of my time off with friends and family : )

See you sooooooon (you can hold me to that!) xoxo

8 thoughts on “Bambino

  1. maawww!! Such a cute Jumper print! I think Matalan are bringing out a deer print fawn coloured jumper in winter too! I wore it at their press day that I’ll soon post about 🙂 you’d lav it!

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and ooh those nails! ❤

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