Under the Sea

[Dress Boohoo, Sunglasses New Look]

The fishtail plait is something I’ve been rather charmed by since it first starting appearing in magazines and blogs alike, and was something I’d always wanted to try for myself. Having never properly got around to trying my hand at it, I was really thrilled when my friend Sian offered to take on the challenge herself, and here we are – ta da!

I rarely ever wear my hair up, and if I style it I often leave the bottom half of it left long over my shoulders, so this is a bit unusual for me! You could say it’s a comfort blanket kind of thing. The intricacy of this kind of plait is amazing, and I’m going to have to head over and watch a tutorial now because I’m intrigued to see how it’s done, and can tell this isn’t going to be the last time I’ll want to wear my hair like this… wish me luck! (Perhaps if I get good enough at it myself I’ll make my own tutorial… watch this space!)

This cute little jade, collared dress is a new favourite of mine, and found it’s way to me courtesy of Boohoo! I’m a huge fan of embellishments, and love that the collar is both lace and pearl; a great combination for any Chanel fan, like myself : ) I’ve always kind of thought that minimalism is wasted on me, because I’m very much about creating a bright and fun look, with quirky added details, so this dress is the perfect new addition to my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to pairing it with some white opaque tights and my patent black loafers when the weather gets a bit colder, for now however, I’m doing all I can to remain bare legged… you could say I’m in denial that summer is coming to an end, as you probably picked up on last post!

Unfortunately, and typically, I came down ill over London Fashion Week, with a horrible cold, and only managed to make one stop off at Somerset House, which is a shame because I was hoping to have more blogger meet ups this season! There’s always next season though, eh? : ) I’m off to catch up on the latest shows now, to see what wonders I can feast my eyes on… see you all soon!


[Playsuit Tesco Clothing, Hat New Look, Boots Emma Cook @ Topshop]

With the prospect of the new university year (and my last, eek!) looming, I’m desperately holding on to summer for as long as I can. This means that today, I decided to go for this playsuit, which is probably a little too skimpy to be worn at the current time (we’ve had a really bad summer this year in the UK, weatherwise, and today is looking rather overcast once again) but since I’m also fast running out of tights, I thought “to hell with it!” and am embracing what may be one of my last summer looks! The lipstick is ‘Plum’ by ModelsOwn, which I’m really liking right now. I find that it has just the right amount of metallic shine to it for it to be fun, but not too cheap or childish looking! I also really like the richness of the shade; I’m very much about fun and bright colours when it comes to my nails and lips.

I’ve been feeling rather frustrated with my wardrobe as of late, as I didn’t really prepare for bad weather when I packed my suitcase to come back to Somerset… has 21 years of British weather taught me nothing?! Oooops.

This means that I’m more than ready to head off somewhere sunny…

I haven’t mentioned properly on the blog yet… but what with this being my last year as a student, I’m seizing the day and any sort of freedom I know I’ll miss once I start working full time, and will be going to Las Vegas and LA next month! It’s hard to believe that I haven’t mentioned it yet, because it’s something I am extremely, extremely excited about. I have always had a bit of an obsession and fascination with America (and I also love Americans, if there are any reading this! Haha) and knew that it was only a matter of time before I went off an explored another part of the country – I’m counting down the days! I also think that this trip will be the perfect antidote to the stress I can expect during 3rd year on my course : )

I’ve never been to either Las Vegas or LA before, so if anyone has any hotspots, ‘fashionable’ and otherwise, I would be delighted to hear them!


Ever since I was really little, bike rides have been one of my absolute favourite summer activities! There’s nothing quite like feeling the summer breeze (and maybe a bit of sun too, if you’re lucky!) fresh on your face whilst traveling along at a good speed along the country lanes – it’s at times like this I appreciate my countryside surroundings! Having been bike-less for the past three summers, and being without my car this summer, I’ve found myself hankering over many a beautiful city bike in the months leading up to and including the warmer months.

I’d practically given up on my summer dream, when my mum surprised me with this beauty last weekend! I had actually been pondering why I hadn’t asked my mum to look out for a pretty bike for me on her trip to the car boot sale, on my walk home from the gym… but as usual, she was one step ahead of me, meaning that I arrived home to the best early-birthday present ever! Summer may very nearly be over, but it’s certainly not out just yet…

It makes me a bit sad that I won’t be taking it back to Rochester with me when I go back to uni… but I do worry that as a student, in a place I’m not completely familiar with, there’s more of a risk that it could get stolen; so for now it’ll be waiting for me at home ready for me whenever I pop back for the holidays etc : )

I’m going to be going back to Rochester next Wednesday, which means I’ll be back to blogging more – yay! See you soon! xxx