Ever since I was really little, bike rides have been one of my absolute favourite summer activities! There’s nothing quite like feeling the summer breeze (and maybe a bit of sun too, if you’re lucky!) fresh on your face whilst traveling along at a good speed along the country lanes – it’s at times like this I appreciate my countryside surroundings! Having been bike-less for the past three summers, and being without my car this summer, I’ve found myself hankering over many a beautiful city bike in the months leading up to and including the warmer months.

I’d practically given up on my summer dream, when my mum surprised me with this beauty last weekend! I had actually been pondering why I hadn’t asked my mum to look out for a pretty bike for me on her trip to the car boot sale, on my walk home from the gym… but as usual, she was one step ahead of me, meaning that I arrived home to the best early-birthday present ever! Summer may very nearly be over, but it’s certainly not out just yet…

It makes me a bit sad that I won’t be taking it back to Rochester with me when I go back to uni… but I do worry that as a student, in a place I’m not completely familiar with, there’s more of a risk that it could get stolen; so for now it’ll be waiting for me at home ready for me whenever I pop back for the holidays etc : )

I’m going to be going back to Rochester next Wednesday, which means I’ll be back to blogging more – yay! See you soon! xxx

6 thoughts on “Dreamboat

  1. I’m literally living on my bike at the moment! I’ve been wanting a gorgeous one just like this, although your missing my mandatory ‘basket’ 😉 haha I love this post! 🙂 xx

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