Under the Sea

[Dress Boohoo, Sunglasses New Look]

The fishtail plait is something I’ve been rather charmed by since it first starting appearing in magazines and blogs alike, and was something I’d always wanted to try for myself. Having never properly got around to trying my hand at it, I was really thrilled when my friend Sian offered to take on the challenge herself, and here we are – ta da!

I rarely ever wear my hair up, and if I style it I often leave the bottom half of it left long over my shoulders, so this is a bit unusual for me! You could say it’s a comfort blanket kind of thing. The intricacy of this kind of plait is amazing, and I’m going to have to head over and watch a tutorial now because I’m intrigued to see how it’s done, and can tell this isn’t going to be the last time I’ll want to wear my hair like this… wish me luck! (Perhaps if I get good enough at it myself I’ll make my own tutorial… watch this space!)

This cute little jade, collared dress is a new favourite of mine, and found it’s way to me courtesy of Boohoo! I’m a huge fan of embellishments, and love that the collar is both lace and pearl; a great combination for any Chanel fan, like myself : ) I’ve always kind of thought that minimalism is wasted on me, because I’m very much about creating a bright and fun look, with quirky added details, so this dress is the perfect new addition to my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to pairing it with some white opaque tights and my patent black loafers when the weather gets a bit colder, for now however, I’m doing all I can to remain bare legged… you could say I’m in denial that summer is coming to an end, as you probably picked up on last post!

Unfortunately, and typically, I came down ill over London Fashion Week, with a horrible cold, and only managed to make one stop off at Somerset House, which is a shame because I was hoping to have more blogger meet ups this season! There’s always next season though, eh? : ) I’m off to catch up on the latest shows now, to see what wonders I can feast my eyes on… see you all soon!

14 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. I LOVE this dress. I must have it!
    The fishtail plait looks gorgeous on you. This sort of thing is the only thing that makes me wish for long hair again. X

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