Shrug It Off…

[Shrug, Forever21 T-shirt Matalan, Skirt H&M, Stag Necklace and Tights Primark]

On Monday, I popped into London for the day to go to the album launch event in Oxford Street for one of my favourite bands, You Me At Six! I apologise to my Twitter followers for being an over excited fan girl that day… haha. I missed out on this ind of thing when I was younger, due to living in the countryside, so you could say I’m making up for lost time! I made sure I got there early enough to snag one of the wristbands, as there were only limited numbers available, which meant that I had quite a timely wait in the day before things kicked off in the evening. Naturally, during this wait, it meant I ended up buying a couple of things – oops!

I’m rather pleased with this pink skirt, since I’ve got a similar one that I bought from H&M years ago, which I’ve practically worn to death; I’ve been trying to replace it for a while, and with this one only costing £7 in the sale, who was I to say no?! I didn’t quite realise how creased it was until I uploaded my photos, so next time I’ll be getting the iron out before I put it on… at the age of 21 I should no longer be dodging the ironing!

Having been a fan of Forever 21 for a few years now, I am more than thrilled about the fact that we now have one in London – yay! I’ve always felt that the prices were very, very reasonable, and I’ve always been particularly impressed by their shoe and jewellery collections. I had a bit of a ‘wow’ moment when I walked upstairs to the jewellery department, it was a magpie’s heaven! It was pretty much a given that I’d end up parting with some cash in there, and I’m happy that I spent my money on something I’ve been looking for for a while – this cute little slouchy floral shrug, what do you think?

I’ve regularly been skipping over flimsy Primark creations similar to this, which have tempted me in the past, but I was glad I held out for this one because not only does it have a lining, but the print reminds me of the cherry blossom tree I used to have in my garden when I was younger, which makes it that little bit more special! I’m looking forward to wearing it out on my trip to LA and Las Vegas later this month, with a nice little dress in the evening : ) I can’t wait!

The Wonderful World of: Tatty Devine

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By now I’m sure most of you will be familiar with Tatty Devine (and if not, shame on you!) – by no means is it a brand that needs introducing. I used to have quite an obsession with jewellery throughout my teens, and even now I really love the idea of wearing random shapes and objects around my neck, a la Tatty!

I stumbled upon Tatty Devine in a small feature in Kerrang! magazine years ago, back during my ‘grunger’/teenie bopper emo phase, and since then I’ve been a real fan of their fun and quirky aesthetic. Having grown up in the countryside without much inspiration around me in terms of fashion (sob story, I know…) it was a real personal achievement when I discovered that there was jewellery out there that wasn’t anything like what I was used to seeing in high street shops! (My hometown, as adorable as it may be, is hardly a fashion capital, with New Look it’s only ‘proper’ clothes shop!)

It sounds silly to me now, to think that there was a time when I couldn’t find anything unusual, bar my visits to Camden, especially when I spend half of my time on the internet looking at all kinds of strange creations nowadays!

Fine jewellery (and fine art for that matter… pop art all the way!) is totally wasted on me, unfortunately, and if I ever get married I’d happily trade in a diamond for some sort of wacky statement ring, which is why Tatty Devine appeals to me 100%. (I’m not a girl of tradition at all, can you tell? Haha.) I was really lucky and excited about the fact that my university arranged for founder Rosie and Harriet to come in to talk to us about how Tatty Devine came to be – they’re a very inspiring pair, and very down to earth, to boot!

Meeting Rosie and Harriet got me really excited about the brand again, and has seen me trawling the site obsessing over all of their adorable little animal trinkets and otherwise… there’s one piece I’m really in love with at the moment, which I’m saving for my next Lust List – although for anyone who follows me on Twitter, it probably won’t come as a big surprise because I got a little bit too obsessed with it that day!

I’ve had little ventures into jewellery making, myself, and this has been the kick I’ve been waiting for to get started up again – so, watch this space! : )

P.S If you’re an animal lover like me, I can guarantee that Tatty will have something you’ll fall in love with! Isn’t this little Fox brooch adorable?!

What’s New, Pussycat?

[Dress and Belt Boohoo, Tights New Look, Shoes Tesco Clothing, Scarf Vintage]

So this is my first post as a brunette, again! This is partly the reason I’ve been a little standoffish with the blog the last week or so… it’s been quite hard for me to get used to, and I’ve not really been sold on it since I did it! It’s quite a big shock going from light blonde to dark brown in a matter of hours, as you might imagine. I’ve always been the kind of person who likes drastic hair colour changes, and for anyone who knows me in real life, I think they probably expect it of me by now! Haha. It’s strange for me seeing my blonde self in my past posts, I’ve actually been avoiding looking at the blog incase it makes me miss it too much, haha.

I can tell I’m going to be getting a lot of wear out of this dress, aren’t the colours perfectly autumnal? I’m really loving the skater style dresses at the moment, and got this one from Boohoo. I’m really impressed with the prints they’re doing on this style of dress at the moment, and found it tricky picking out just one! Also, I was actually really excited to wear these mustard tights (I stocked up the other day over at New Look – they're currently running a 3 for 2 offer on all tights, check it out!) because I haven’t tried this colour before. I feel a little bit like Donald Duck (or should that be Daisy?) with my bright yellow legs, but I think they’ll be my go-to colour this upcoming season… bring it on!

Hasn’t the weather been insane? I spent part of yesterday lounging around in Hyde Park, reading Glamour magazine – one of my favourite past times, especially when the weather’s so lovely! I do feel that, as a Fashion Promotion student, there is pressure on me to read magazines which aren’t so mainstream, and I do enjoy reading others from time to time. However, I would always defend more main stream publications, because they serve their specific purpose, and as far as I’m concerned, I really enjoy a bit of light heartedness and fun as far as Fashion goes : ) also, I’m secretly a bit of a celebrity junkie, shhhhh… ; )

I’ve been a little bit lazy with the blog lately, but now I’m settled in to my new house in Rochester, I plan on putting aside more time for posts which are a bit more interesting than just my outfits, watch this space!

I appreciate every visit, comment, and anything else related to this blog – thanks to everyone who still visits, even when I am being a bit useless post-wise : ) lots of love! x

P.S This cat isn’t mine… rather a frequent visitor to my garden, isn’t he/she pretty?