Glasses and Earrings Cherry Humbug
Clown Collar Shirt New Look
Sparkly Black Top Charity Shopped
Lipstick ‘Mystic’ by Sleek Make Up

First of all I apologize for my nicely chipped nail varnish! I am really in love with Barry M colours at the moment, and have been wearing them almost exclusively for a year now – the colours add such a great splash of colour to any outfit! I remember working at our local supermarket when I was younger, and how much I hated not being able to paint my nails loud, lairy colours, so I’ve been making up for it ever since, you could say…

I know I’m not alone in admiring the fashions of Mad Men, and these glasses help me to express my love of those retro trends Betty Draper and the other ladies pull off so well. With a little bit of added sparkle, these Cat Eye Glasses are great for making a sophisticated statement and for ‘smarting’ up any outfit – I feel like a 60s secretary when I wear them!

You might have noticed that I’ve got yet another new hair colour – in my school days I could never make up my mind about whether I wanted dark or light hair, and I guess that indecisiveness didn’t really ever fade! I am currently sporting a shade of Black Cherry, after growing bored of increasingly lifeless natural golden brown hue. This is one of my favourite shades from my teens, and it feels good to be re-visiting! I’m also wearing my current favourite lipstick, which at £3.99 was an absolute steal, as it has a lot of staying power and the perfect amount of pigmentation for my liking, excellent!

I’m really excited to announce that CherryHumbug.com has now officially launched! I have been dreaming of the day I start my own business venture, and now just felt like the right time to seize the day – I hope you’ll enjoy browsing and perhaps you’ll find something special along the way : )

Katie xoxox

5 thoughts on “Feline

  1. Amazing glasses! Congratulations on the launch of your shop, I’ve just taken a look and it looks amaaaazing, I will definitely be buying a few pieces when I’m not so skint!

  2. Love the glasses, I’ve been tempted to get myself a pair of cats eye glasses after seeing so many gorgeous girls sporting them although I’m not sure if they’d suit me that well. Good luck with the shop it looks fantastic so far and you’ve got some really cute items in stock I’m loving all those rings! xoxo

  3. barry m do the best nail varnishes- the red glittery one is my absolute favourite! and your shop looks amazing, i’ve got my eye on several items already :]

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