Katie’s Nail Art Tutorial #1

French Bulldog Ring Cherry Humbug

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Cherry Humbug’s resident nail artiste, and a great friend of mine Katie (we share the same name, it must be fate, right?) who is going to be doing some great little nail art tutorials for you to enjoy, and perhaps have a go at doing yourself! This girl is a bit of a pro where nails are concerned (the first ever nail art I had was indeed done by Katie!) and she has kindly offered to create designs to compliment some of the great statement rings I have over at CherryHumbug.com. Anyway, enough from me… we hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial!

1. Nail art is big news, and you can’t leave a gorgeous ring on unpolished nails (like mine here!) I’m gonna show you a simple way to update your nails that complements our french bulldog perfectly.

2. I colour matched a polish to the diamante eyes, which happened to be ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj for OPI. There are plenty of similar teal colours around on the high street too.

3. I chose a nice harmonised selection of colours, from left to right: Models Own in Clear (very important to use as a base and top coat!), Elegant Touch french manicure white tip (but you could use any white), good old Barry M in blue glitter, ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj OPI, and trusty Models Own x WAH pens (the old style, mine are particularly haggard)…

4. Having applied base coat, start by painting your nails white except for the fourth finger, which is painted teal. Make sure to do two coats because otherwise it looks too see through. Leave LOADS of drying time between the two coats, as long as you can stand! Have a cup of tea or something.

5. After it’s completely dry, dot some of the teal using the brush onto white areas, about this far apart, and don’t be too precious about the size or shape of dots.

6. Use your black nail art pen (or black liquid eyeliner, black tar mixed onto an old cotton bud or whatever the hell else you’re using) and dot in thick liney shapes around each teal blob. It shouldn’t be too rigid, try and make it as natural as possible, i.e. mistakes won’t look as bad as you think! You can also do this carefully with a regular black nail polish… just use the side of the brush.

7. Repeat for every other white nail and you should end up with this, ta-da! You can leave it as that if you don’t have nail art pens/ can’t be getting too fiddly – otherwise, read on…

8. Now for the trickier bit. Use a thin brush with white nail paint (like the one inside your nail pen) to brush a thicker line and two smaller ones onto the teal.

9. Join the two smaller lines with the white pen doing zig zags.

10. Use the black pen very carefully to add 2 more lines, a roman pattern if you feel brave and some dots. Easy once you get the hang of it.

11. If you require glitter on everything like me, then dot a bit of the Barry M glitter onto the leopard spots and across the tip of your tribal nail. This is also great because tiny bits of glitter are much easier to soak off than fully covered nails (which are a nightmare).

12. Bit of top coat and you’re finished! Really brings out the blue in his eyes, doesn’t it?

Thank you Katie! Check back soon for the next tutorial – I’m definitely excited : ) see you soon!

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