Sunday Lust List #6

01. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a couple of bow ties for a while now to wear with my favourite shirts; I usually just tie a sash or piece of ribbon into a bow under my collar, but I think bow ties can make for a more unusual and androgynous look. I couldn’t decide between a hot pink shade, or a jade green/teal colour, so I thought I’d put both up. They would both look great with a cute patterned shirt and a blazer, such as the striped Topshop one pictured above, don’t you think??

02. I’m pretty much obsessed with scarf print garments at the moment, and feel like this is a trend that I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for forever! As I said on my last lust list, I’m a huge fan of the 90’s Versace throwback trend that’s going on, and think that these shorts would look super cute with a collared shirt and a bow tie, with the striped blazer for a sweet little summer ensemble.

03. There are two pairs of Melissa shoes I’m lusting over at the moment, and these Jason Wu collaboration pair are the first. The burgundy colour is perfect for me, as I really wearing love jewel tones all year round. I feel like its about time I get my hands on some jellies-for-grown-ups, because of how much I used to love wearing them when I was younger; old habits die hard, eh?! And with the little bow and cute owl emblem, they would make for a nice practical yet fun addition to a lot of outfits!

04. As far as my eye make up goes, I’m quite unadventurous and like to stick to a smoky eye when I’m getting made up for a night out etc. This palette that I saw in Boots not only has cute packaging, but is affordable at around £4 and has a good number of shades that can be used to create variations of that classic smoky look; albeit adding a little bit of a dusky pink, or perhaps a midnight blue to the equation… perfect! I’ve got to say too that I’m not a huge believer in spending lots of money on make up. In my experience it all generally does the same thing, and since I rarely ever spend more than £5 on one item, this does the job for an agreeable price : )

05. I’ve been craving a preppy Ralph Lauren-esque blazer in my wardrobe for quite some time now. I’m a huge fan of blazers because they can really transform a boring outfit into something that looks sophisticated yet stylish. I’m also a huge fan of mustard-yellow, so when I stumbled upon this Topshop creation it was pretty much love at first sight. At £60, I feel that the price tag is a bit too steep for a staight forward blazer like this one (particularly since Topshop is a high street brand – admittedly I really only ever buy from Topshop when a sale’s on!) but I’ll be keeping my eye out for similar styles that won’t set me back quite as many pennies.

06. One of my biggest wardrobe-regrets is that it doesn’t contain more playsuits. I often find myself having conflicting views over playsuits; they look so good, but yet can be rather a struggle on a night out/for day wear etc because its essentially an all-in-one, which for excursions to the toilet makes for quite an impractical time! My fellow playsuit wearing ladies will know what I mean… nonetheless, everything about this playsuit is wonderful, and I would happily stick out any of the playsuit-related irritations if it meant I could get my hands on this – I love it!

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