Polka Dot Shirt Charity Shop
Skirt Next
Boots Emma Cook for Topshop
Tights Primark
Lipstick Vamp by Sleek Make Up

I know I’ve already done a post today, but I figured that if I have the content, I may as well post it up! This post is a bit of a testament to what I’ve been saying about my camera upgrade; there’s a stark difference between using the 400D with the kit lens, and the 5D Mk II with my 50mm lens! Like I said last post, I’m currently remote control-less at the moment, and have to use my wide lens on the 400D for outfit posts, and I’m using the 5D for any other shots that I can hand-hold.

No matter how long you’ve been visiting my blog, you may have never seen me with my hair up – but alas, it happened today! I feel a bit bare but as they say, a change is as good as a rest, right? As you may have noticed, I’m wearing polka dots again… what can I say?! I’m also wearing my parrot earrings which you’re probably fed up of seeing by now! I’m trying to be good with my stock and not keep too much of it for myself – so far I’ve kept one necklace, one pair of earrings and three rings for myself, which is quite good given that I’m easily tempted, especially where jewellery is concerned! Haha.

I got this shirt from a charity shop, for a really good price. Its not my size, but I find that I’m quite lenient when it comes to that kind of thing, and oversized charity-shop-found shirts are fast becoming a wardrobe staple of mine! The skirt is one I got years ago from Next, and the boots are the Emma Cook for Topshop 2009 boots that I’m determined to get some more wear out of/wear them enough that they become comfortable. The problem is with my university campus, is that its up a reallly steep hill, so I rarely (if ever…) wear heels when I’m in Rochester. Also, strangely, the pavements seem to have some kind of slopey-ness going on around the Rochester area, which means 90% of the time when I’m wearing any kind of heels, I’m aware of the fact that I’m probably going to fall over and break my neck! Not cool.

If you haven’t seen Bug before, here he is! He’s become quite accustomed to having his photo taken since he’s my favourite subject… and I’m quite sure now that he even has a few poses he likes to do when the camera comes out! A little fun fact for you is that Bug helped inspire the name ‘Cherry Humbug’ when I first started my blog! By the way, if like other people, you’re tempted to ask me why on earth we’d call a dog ‘Bug’, we got him already-named from a rescue centre, so you’ll have to forgive me that one… I think it rather suits him, he’s a funny little thing!

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