Qoo Qoo

After reading about this amazing Latvian brand Qoo Qoo on Fiona’s blog, Save Our Shoes, I simply had to check out the website to get a taste for more of their ethereal yet funky creations. Having always been fascinated by the sea, and the creatures that live in it (you can probably put that down to the fact I watched The Little Mermaid about 3000 times throughout my childhood…) these underwater and aquarium inspired dresses are right up my street! The graphic prints are done in a way which is both really cute and also a little bit off the wall – perfect! Check out those seals, they look a teensy bit piggy-faced to me; I absolutely love them!

There’s something quite 80’s about the use of the blue and purple shades together, and I’m pretty sure if I’d have been less of a tomboy when I was younger, I would’ve absolutely loved to have these to dress up in! Perhaps that’s why I have finally embraced my girlie side, and it also explains why at the ripe old age of 22, I’m still attracted to clothes which look like they could be worn by my 10 year old self, had I not disliked clothes and shopping so much! I know – I’m as shocked as you are… its true though, my mum has many a painful tale to tell over me and my ‘clothes issues’! (Sorry Mum <3)

I’m also pretty obsessed with these Ultragirl Pink Bow jelly flats by Melissa, and think they’d look amazing paired up with any one of these dresses. The other option would be to wear some really aggressive shoe boots with them, along with some opaque white tights, wouldn’t that look great? Anyway, speaking of jelly shoes (again) anyone would think I was having a quarter life crisis, right?? I can assure you that I’m not, and that I’m simply going through a bit of a ‘pink and fluffy’ phase at the moment, and that these to me are pretty much the modern equivalent of the Cinderella shoe – with an edge, of course. Vivienne Westwood can me my fairy rock-mother any day of the week, for that matter! Melissa shoes are definitely rocking my world at the moment, I can’t get enough of those delectable candy shades which would be perfect for the summer, yummy!

Don’t forget to check out Qoo Qoo for yourself, there are a variety of other wonderful prints too, from Dog collages all the way through to wintery Icelandic prints, definitely worth a look if you ask me! : )

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