Sunday Lust List #7

01. I’m a big fan of Swedish Hasbeens, and when I saw these on ASOS they reminded me quite a lot of some of the designs I’ve seen before. These are pefectly chunky, as well as being in a great blush red that I think would look great with a little summer dress and some matching lipstick! I also really love the cutout detail, and because of the platform they probably wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. I’m a big fan of redesigned clogs, and these are pretty much the ideal as far as I’m concerned!

02. I really love a cute collar, but unfortunately since they became a ‘thing’, they’re two a penny on the high street and every other person seems to be wearing one at the moment. I’m a bit reluctant to buy peter pan collared shirts now because they don’t have that novelty appeal that they used to, so this would be the perfect solution to this; it would allow me to collar up my existing clothes, which would keep the look unique and a bit more fresh!

03. I spotted this cute little cushion on Gem’s blog, and simply had to put it on my lust list. I’m not sure where its from, but I love decorative items like this because they’re great for adding an air of eclecticism to a room – and positive thinking is the way forward, people!

04. I’m basically obsessed with lipstick at the moment, and I feel quite bare without it! I thought that with the addition of a Pink Glitter lipstick it would crank it up an extra notch on the dazzle scale… love it : )

05. It probably seems really childish that I would be wanting a marabou feather scrunchie! I promise I’m not having a mid life crisis… 90% sure anyway! I’m just forever compelled to decorate myself with feathers, and since I’ll be wearing my hair up a bit more from now on I’d really like one of these to put around a bun. Who’d have thought I’d be looking back to myself as an 8 year old for style inspiration?? Certainly not me, I can tell you that for nothing…

06. That dress, plus these coloured nails = a match made in heaven, don’t you think?!

06. And now, the holy grail. This dress is truly eye-poppingly epic! I would love to take this Versace creation for a spin at a cocktail party, its to die for… something tells me I won’t be having the funds to buy it anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right? B-E-A-U-tiful.

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